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Lea Salonga calls for the responsible use of social networking sites

With the right usage, Lea Salonga explains that using social networking sites could actually be beneficial.



4/19/2011 8:15 AM
Lea Salonga calls for the responsible use of social networking sites

041911-lea_main.jpgLea Salonga appealed to users of Twitter and other social networking sites to be responsible with their posts. Recently, the international singer, along with other celebrities, were involved in a controversy when Willie Revillame threatened to sue them after they supposedly criticized the controversial host’s supposed “harassment” of a kid contestant on his show.

Lea continued that with proper usage, social networking sites could actually be beneficial. “Kasi nagbibigay ito ng isang avenue para makapag-express ang kahit sinong tao ng kanilang opinyon sa iba’t-ibang topic, whether political, showbiz, pagkain, lugar, [at] paglalakbay,” she said. “It can be fun and it can be informative in real time and it’s a really wonderful way for people and express themselves, as long as with other forms of communication, without attacking anyone for fun, or [their] dignitiy.”
She also warned website-users to be aware of hackers because there are some people who take advantage of others, just like what happened to her. Lea said that there was a time that she could not access her Twitter account because someone was pretending to be her. She said, “I had a problem signing on for Twitter because there was somebody who was pretending to be Lea Salonga, so I wrote the management, and said okay I’m really Lea Salonga and whoever is using my name is not me. So if you are in the right, you have a way to actually stand up for yourself. There are ways to legally go about all of that.”

Speaking of a good cause, Lea participated in the recently concluded BaliKaBayani concert at the Araneta Coliseum that intended to raise funds and give support to overseas Filipino workers, who returned to the country because of the political unrest in the Middle East and calamity that shook Japan. The said concert is also a tribute to the OFWs, whom Lea consider as real heroes.

Being someone who worked overseas herself, Lea understands that most of her fellow kababayans leave their country took seek a better life for their families and loved ones. “There are so many people who have decided to leave our shores in order to find better opportunities for themselves and for their families and all the hardships that the families have to endure just for financial security… I mean these people are really heroes,” she explained.
And with a great number of jobless OFWs, the international star called on businessmen to extend help to these balik-bayans to continuously support their families. “I’m hoping that there are people out there, who are hopefully watching; businessmen, entrepreneurs, people who are  influential, people with money people [and] with the means to be able to give people opportunities, that they did not have in the first place, which pushed them to leave,” she said. “That’s why I’m appealing to our government and private citizens to be able