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Dimples Romana says the lead stars of 'Mara Clara' are humble actresses

Dimples Romana says that Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes remain down-to-earth.


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4/19/2011 8:10 AM
Dimples Romana says the lead stars of 'Mara Clara' are humble actresses

041911-dimples_main.jpgAs part of the cast of the Kapamilya teleserye remake Mara Clara, Dimples Romana counts herself lucky to be part of a talented cast that makes up the number one show on primetime television today. The 26 year-old said the cast has made it a point to bond even after the cameras have stopped rolling. “We’re close kasi we tape three times a week, so we bond during the in-between lunches and dinners. We also try to spend time out from the set to recharge. Kasi, because we’re doing a teleserye, we cannot help but feel all the drama presence so eating together is a good time to unwind and just chat. We have fantastic directors and writers so nakakatuwa na nakakahalubilo namin sila apart from just being co-workers in Mara Clara,” she told Push.com.ph

Currently playing the role of Alvira Del Valle, mother to both Clara (played by Julia Montes) and Mara (played by Kathryn Bernardo). Dimples, who had previously worked with Kathryn in other projects, said she did not have a problem at all working with the young lead actresses. “In the presence of the two girls, you don’t even feel that they’re so hot right now. Because they’re the same person they were. Every time I chat with them, it doesn’t feel different. Off cam, si Kathryn kasi lumaki na sa akin yung batang yun so para talagang anak ko na because she was the young Gretchen in Magkaribal and I was the mom so I worked with her na. she was also my daughter in Mangarap Ka, which was the show of Piolo (Pascual) back then. Kilala ko na yung bata. Napakamagalang. Magandang pamilya. Mabait sa magulang. Mabait sa mga kapatid. She comes come a very, very fun family so makulit siya in a way. Si Clara naman, she has two other siblings tapos she’s being taken cared of by her lola. Her mom is deaf and mute but they still stay together. Nakakatuwalang kasi ang bata pa nila pero professional sila katrabaho,” she shared with Push.com.ph.

Dimples said that even though was not able to catch the original series, she feels proud to be part of Mara Clara. “I wasn’t able to watch the original because I think I was already busy working during that time but I’m very familiar about the cast. Siyempre that’s Mara Clara, kaya nga ina ng teleserye because everything parang talagang nag-branch out from that particular hit back then. Parang surreal nga sa akin kasi after doing Agua Bendita, which was also a big hit. It was also number one at extended din na extended. Again, to be offered that’s as big as Alvira, it’s different especially for a character actress like me. Parang masarap yung pakiramdam sa akin na mapagkatiwalaan ng ganung kalaking role,” she said.

Dimples said that when they started on the popular remake, the focus was on doing justice to the role and the success was just an added bonus. “I can only wish that the project does really well but as for Mara Clara, we feel very blessed. As in sa set, we always find it very thrilling to know that we’re still number one after all the months na nakalipas at changes ng time slot kasi very late na rin so nakakatuwa na hindi nag-we-waiver ang suporta ng mga tao,” she added.