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AJ Perez's father on his son's tragic death: 'I questioned God. Bakit si AJ pa?'

Gerry Perez recounts the final moments before his son's tragic death.



4/19/2011 8:16 AM
AJ Perez's father on his son's tragic death: 'I questioned God. Bakit si AJ pa?'

041911-aj_main.jpgGerry Perez still couldn’t believe that his son, young actor AJ Perez, had passed away after a vehicular accident that happened last April 17. Gerry and AJ were together on their way home from a show in Dagupan when their van and a passenger bus collided on a road in Moncada, Tarlac. AJ died on impact, and his remains now lie at La Salle Greenhills.

In an exclusive interview with Korina Sanchez for TV Patrol, Gerry struggled for words as he recounted his last minutes with his beloved son. “When that accident happened, AJ was sleeping and I was half asleep. When I felt the impact, I felt a warm brush (of air) on my face. The first thing that came to my mind was AJ. I hoped that he was okay. When I turned and looked at him, his eyes were closed. I knew that moment that AJ was gone. I was shouting ‘AJ! God! No! No!’”

Gerry also sustained injuries from the accident, but remained awake to see AJ’s condition. “When I took a glimpse at the van, I knew it was AJ’s time. But when you’re in that situation, you would hope for a miracle, na sana buhay siya.

AJ is also survived by his mother Marivic Perez and 12-year-old brother Angelo. The actor’s non showbiz girlfriend, Steph Ayson, could not be consoled during the wake. Gerry admitted that while trying to accept the loss, he can’t help but ask the Lord. “I questioned God. Bakit si AJ pa? Bakit hindi ako? Magkatabi naman kami. Alam niya na mahal na mahal namin si AJ.”

Gerry affirmed the observation by many close friends and co-workers that aside from having a beautiful face, AJ also had a loveable personality. “Sobrang bait. Masunurin na bata. He doesn’t want to disappoint people. Parang gusto niya wala nang gulo.” He added that there’s just so much to miss about AJ now that he’s gone. “Everything in him. The whole AJ. Ang pagka palabiro niya minsan, sa amin, sa kapatid niya. Ang smile niya.

Looking back Gerry couldn’t help but regret the misunderstandings he had with his son. “Mahal ko siya. Sorry. We had misunderstandings. But he never answered back. He would just say ‘Okay, Dad.’ Kung ano man ang pagkukulang ko sa kanya, I’m sorry.”