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Matteo Guidicelli admits he once felt intimidated by Sarah Geronimo

Matteo Guidicelli says he is a big fan of his Catch Meà I'm in Love co-star Sarah Geronimo.



3/8/2011 7:31 AM
Matteo Guidicelli admits he once felt intimidated by Sarah Geronimo

030811-matteo1_main.jpgFrom being launched as a leading man in last year’s teleserye Agua Bendita, Matteo Guidicelli now gets his big screen break via Star Cinema’s Catch Me…I’m in Love. In the romantic movie set to premiere this March 23, Matteo will play the third wheel in the Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson pairing. Matteo, however, doesn’t mind if he’s just the third wheel in the story. “It’s just a blessing to be doing a movie with Star Cinema. I’m just lucky na makakasama ko si Sarah at si Gerald. Masaya na ako dun, ha ha ha!

Matteo had worked with Gerald in the 2007 teen sitcom Go Kada Go, but this is the first time he will be with Sarah. The race car driver-turned-actor admitted that he once felt intimidated being in the presence of the Pop Star Princess. “She’s so nice, very down-to-earth, easy to work with. I was intimidated at first nung una ko siyang makita sa set. Sabi ko, ‘Naku! Si Sarah Geronimo. Patay ako dito!’ Sobrang fan kasi ako ni Sarah. I love to watch her sing. I watch her concerts. Pero sa set pala, normal lang siya. Mararamdaman mo talagang ordinaryo siyang tao, simple.”

During the story conference for Catch Me… I’m in Love, all the actors underwent a brief workshop under Direk Mae Cruz. Matteo described that the workshop broke the ice between him and Sarah. “Nung nag-meeting kami nun, three hours kami lahat sa isang kwarto with Direk Mae (Cruz). Dun kami lahat nakapag-heart-to-heart talk. After that parang friends na talaga kami. It felt like we’ve known each other for many years.”

The 20-year-old actor also cleared up the issue that he has been harboring special feelings toward Sarah and had long been planning to court her. Matteo explained, “Hindi naman talaga crush. I admire her so much. I saw two concerts niya. She’s an amazing performer. Aside from that she’s humble. Friends lang kami ngayon. Hi-hello sa set. Kulitan kapag break time. Kwentuhan, tawanan. ‘Yun lang.”

Matteo said he is just focusing on work at the moment, given that this is his film debut. He further shared that there are even times when he can’t believe that he’s already starring on the big screen. “The first take I did, after that pinanood ko ‘yung scene ko sa playback, and I felt, ‘Wow! Matteo, nasa pelikula ka na talaga!’ Ha ha ha! It’s weird to see yourself on the screen. Iba rin ‘yung character ko dito. Rapper ako dito. Jologs ang style ko dito.”