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Phil Younghusband: 'I don't think football in the Philippines is a way of entering showbiz'

The Philippine Azkals member speaks up about Angelica Panganiban's tweets about him.



3/7/2011 12:28 AM
Phil Younghusband: 'I don't think football in the Philippines is a way of entering showbiz'

030711-phil_main.jpgAzkals striker Phil Younghusband is caught in a Twitter controversy once again but this time, it is not about who he wants to date but on his sports and showbiz career. It all started last March 3, when actress Angelica Panganiban posted on Twitter that the athlete should just focus on playing football. “Si Phil may indie film... Akala ko ba football player sya??? :( lahat na lang artista na :( sad...” In an interview with Angelica, the actress explained her tweets by saying that Phil and his teammates shouldn't spread themselves too thin by joining showbiz, which can have an effect on their competence on the field.

In an interview with PUSH, Phil admitted that he has an indie film entitled Happy Land but he clarified that it was shot two years ago, even before the group Azkals was formed. According to Phil, the film is for a good cause as it was conceptualized to promote football in the Philippines. "We finished taping last year, the movie’s just being released now. On March 7 it will be in Greenbelt. It is trying to reach the public schools and the young children. The film is actually about the kids of Tondo, and how they, even with the limited support they have, rise to the game of football. They have no shoes, they run on stones and gravel and they work their way up to get to the finals of the competition. It is a good story. It shows that Filipinos can play football and they can succeed in football, even with limited support. It also shows the values learned in football. My role is not a big part. The kids in the story look up to me as their coach and as their role model. I show them skills and football pitches and tricks. The role is not about me trying to act. I am not the star. I just help out because I want to promote football that is my goal and I hope it will prevail," Phil explained in detail.

Phil agrees with what Angelica said and respects her opinion. "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I can assure Angelica that we are concentrating on playing against Mongolia and we are training hard everyday. We are not shooting any indie movies now," Phil revealed.

Phil also clarified that he and his teammates are not airheads, like what Angelica said. "There is a tension in Azkals because of football right now, just about promoting football is all I am thinking right now. I hope it hasn't gone to our heads because if we want football to grow even more we can't let it get to our heads and it is important that everyone works as a team, that's all I can say. I feel that I need to go to the training ground, I need to practice. I feel the only way for us to be judged is on the pitch and on the field. As long as we are winning, the Philippines will be happy and proud."Phil admits that he feels sad when he heard about Angelica's words but openly accepts her viewpoints. "That's the world. People would judge people no matter what. You see it everywhere, in Hollywood, in Europe, it happens everywhere. People are entitled to their opinions and they can say what they want. It is important that you don't let it affect you. In our heads, it is just about Mongolia and going to Japan on Monday. Everyone gets negative press, everyone gets positive press and it is important you use that in the most effective way."

Moreover, Phil defended himself on Angelica’s statement that he might just be using football as a stepping stone to showbiz. "I've been playing football all my life, since I was three years old, and I don't think football in the Philippines is a way of entering showbiz. Ayoko talaga. Because my priority right now is football. But I've said before that I am not closing any doors, I am not saying no or turning d