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Is Piolo Pascual ready to spend the rest of his life with KC Concepcion?

Piolo Pascual talks about how much he loves KC Concepcion and how they're taking their relationship one step at a time.



3/5/2011 1:52 AM
Is Piolo Pascual ready to spend the rest of his life with KC Concepcion?

030511-piolo_main.jpgPiolo Pascual was very happy to know that KC Concepcion’s dad Gabby Concepcion approves of their relationship. But they haven’t yet met face-to-face after Piolo revealed the real score between him and KC back in January. “Nakakatuwa naman kasi importante na ang magulang ng girlfriend mo is okay kayo. Kasi siyempre hindi naman ako ang liligawan ‘di ba? But I haven’t had the chance to talk with him. I don’t think he was in town then. Hindi pa kami nagkikita lately, but we saw each other a couple of months before, when we did our launch for Lovers In Paris sa isang convention, matagal na yun,” said Piolo.

Although there are some people who still believe that they’re not a real couple, Piolo stressed that he’d rather cherish his kilig moments with KC than be affected by such intrigues. “Sabi ko nga damned if you do, damned if you don't. Actually, hindi ako naaapektuhan in a way na naaasar. Naaawa ako for the person because parang you don’t want that someone to be happy and you doubt that person because wala kang magawa or you just simply doubt the person. Ang sa akin, bahala ka sa buhay mo ‘di ba (laughs)? Wala ako magagawa dun. As long as I’m happy, as long as what I’m doing is right, as long as I’m sharing something that's sincere and honest with somebody I love, e hindi na ako yung may issue.”

Piolo had always kept a tight lid when it comes to his love life, which is why the local media were surprised that he has become more open about KC lately. The dashing actor explained that it’s more because they have nothing to hide from the public anymore, in the same way that KC has the right to express how she feels for him as her boyfriend. “It’s not that I’m vocal. I still want to keep my privacy. And siguro whatever Kristina's sharing on The Buzz, that's her right being a girl and all. And for me, I’m always asked e, to finally put a stop sa mga intriga na eto ng, kami na. So I guess it doesn’t stop there. Tatanungin ka pa rin kung anong plan niyo. Kaya sinasabi ko nga na huwag nating pangunahan whatever we have. You’ll know it anyway.”

Even though he will be out of the country for two months, Piolo said that he and KC have already made plans on how they’d spend time together this summer. “I’m happy kasi at least hindi man kami nagkikita because of our conflicting schedule, nagkikita kami for work like [last March 2] magkasama kami the whole day in Subic because of a commercial shoot. And she’s going to the States in April for a tour. Magkikita kami dun. So it’s also good na magkasama kami sa Star Magic because yung schedule namin nag-a-align. If you plan to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you just really take things slow, you just enjoy each other's company regardless of the time.”

When asked if they have ever talked about getting married in the future, Piolo said that there are a lot of things to be considered before they think of making a lifetime commitment. “That’s something we are not in the liberty to discuss this early because we enjoy the moment, we enjoy the present. We don’t want to be pressured because as it is, you’re in the spotlight. Whatever you say, whatever you do, it’ll be judged. So just to prevent further hurt and offense, sa amin na lang yun.”

But if there’s one thing he’s sure of, it’s the fact that KC is a very special part of his life right now. “She’s definitely my source of inspiration. She keeps me grounded. She makes me feel that love can really change things, hindi yung tipong