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Phil Younghusband says he is not bothered if Luis Manzano is trying to win back Angel Locsin

Azkals player Phil Younghusband says he will be patient in pursuing 'Imortal' actress Angel Locsin.


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3/4/2011 7:50 AM
Phil Younghusband says he is not bothered if Luis Manzano is trying to win back Angel Locsin

030411-phil_main.jpgAfter the now infamous Tweet invitation he sent Angel Locsin before Valentine’s Day, Phil Younghusband was finally able to go out with the Imortal actress late last February when they went on a friendly date at a shooting range. Phil disclosed that he definitely got to know Angel a bit more and was pleasantly surprised at their similarities.

“She’s athletic and I’m athletic. We like competition. We went to the firing range and I was able to beat her because we had a competition. She is very competitive and I like competition. Whether as friends or not, it’s good to have someone to compete with and she’s a great person. She’s an athletic person. She’s very, very nice. She’s a great girl and it’s hard not to have something in common with her. She’s very nice and i want to get to know her more. Before I met her, people would tell me she’s very nice and when I finally met her, I saw that she was nice and really kind. Obviously I’ve been learning different things about her like her favorite movie and favorite song. But it still takes time to learn more about someone. But mostly she’s a very nice person. She’s very down-to-earth considering how popular she is. She is a great girl,” Phil said during his launch as Hush Puppies’ newest endorser at Resorts World last March 2, 2011.

Phil said he is not bothered by the news that Luis Manzano is allegedly trying to get back with the sexy actress. “Angel has never talked to me about him. I’ve never met him and never spoken to him, but I hear he’s a nice person. I don’t know the history and it’s none of my business. I don’t want to get involved in that side. That’s none of my business. That’s between them two and all I can do is concentrate on myself and my relationship with her. I don’t want to waste any time thinking about it when I don’t think there’s any need. The important thing is that I concentrate on myself and my relationship with Angel rather than her relationship with him. I don’t know their history. I don’t think it’s any of my business, but hopefully the future is positive,” he shared.

Phil said that even though they have yet to have a second date, he is happy with the way things are going between him and Angel. “I think it’s important to be patient. She’s a very popular and busy person and I believe you really need time to get to know someone. It doesn’t happen overnight. Obviously this is a new way for me. I’m willing to be patient. I like to have a good relationship with people and for me I believe it will take time and I’m willing to be patient and take my time and take her time,” he stressed.

Despite being busy preparing for the Azkals’ upcoming rematch in Mongolia, Phil said that he has made it a point to keep in constant touch with Angel. The Fil-Brit hunk has training everyday with his team until they leave for Japan next week for another grueling weeklong training under cold weather conditions to prepare them for the March 15 game in Mongolia. “We communicate regularly. She is very busy and I have football and the Azkals so it’s difficult to find time to communicate, but right now there is communication. Obviously there are easier ways to communicate now. There’s the Internet, there’s Facebook, and there are a lot of ways to communicate with everyone around the world. I’m sure well still stay in touch while I’m away in Japan or in Mongolia,” he added.

Although Angel admitted to him that she was able to watch their recent game in Bacolod, she has yet to actually try the sport and Phil admits he is more than willing to be her personal coach. “I haven’t spoken to her about soccer. She said she watched our game against Mongolia. I’d like to ask her if I could teach her or practice with her and hopefully she’ll be interested. I haven’t aske