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Is Alodia Gosiengfiao's non-showbiz boyfriend jealous of Luis Manzano?

Alodia Gosiengfiao answers the issue involving her boyfriend Ren Cayetano and 'LOL' co-host Luis Manzano.



3/26/2011 10:17 PM
Is Alodia Gosiengfiao's non-showbiz boyfriend jealous of Luis Manzano?

032711-alodia_main.jpgIt’s been few months since Alodia Gosiengfiao was launched as a co-host in the weekly gag show Laugh Out Loud or LOL but she admitted that she’s still trying to get used to the intrigues that comes with being part of showbiz. As it is, her love life is one topic that she’s not comfortable about discussing with the local media. “Wala naman. I mean, hindi ko naman napag-isipan yun. Pero gusto ko lang na yung personal life ko quiet lang. Kapag cosplay okay lang ipakita sa tao pero ’pag love life na ganon, sa akin na lang po yun,” she said in a recent interview with Push.com.ph.

Despite her reservations, however, word eventually got out that her boyfriend was Ren Cayetano who comes from a political family. When asked if their relationship is going strong, Alodia briefly explained that she’s just grateful to have someone who understands the nature of her work. “Kasi ’di ba dati palaging nali-link kami ni Luis (Manzano) noon? Pero yun nga, hindi naman siguro siya (Ren) nagseselos kasi alam ko naman na Luis is friendly to everyone. So walang reason para magpaapekto sa mga tsismis.”

Alodia and Luis were friends even before the former joined show business, which is why people are curious if they’ve developed romantic feelings for each other on the set of LOL. But Alodia insisted that there’s really nothing going on between them. “Hindi naman, kasi mas maganda naman talaga kung friends lang muna e, mas casual, walang pressure. And sa totoo lang, we just see each other on the set. Kasi hindi naman kami nakakalabas kasi parati kaming busy sa respective work commitments namin.”

In the meantime, Alodia was happy to say that more surprises and entertainment are in store for the viewers now that LOL is on its third season. “So far mas madalas na ako mag-cosplay para sa LOL. And since we’re ending season 2 may mga changes na dapat kayong abangan. Sobrang honored talaga ako na kasama ako sa show and may mga nakaka-appreciate sa efforts ko as a host. Hindi ko ine-expect yung magandang pagtanggap ng tao kasi baguhan lang ako. So thank you and sana patuloy nilang suportahan ang LOL,” she added.