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Dawn Zulueta admits that she's still not on speaking terms with Gretchen Barretto

Dawn Zulueta insists that it's hard to say when she will finally make peace with Gretchen Barretto.



3/25/2011 2:26 PM
Dawn Zulueta admits that she's still not on speaking terms with Gretchen Barretto

032511-dawn_main.jpgNow that Dawn Zulueta is back as a Kapamilya, people couldn’t help but wonder how she would deal with one-time rival Gretchen Barretto once they cross paths again. Although the actress refused to talk about the issue, she was prodded to answer whether or not there’s still a chance for them to settle their differences. “Ayan na, huwag na natin pag-usapan ‘yan. Hay… I’m not one to make bastos, okay. And as I’ve already said before, past is past. But you know, it’s hard for me to say anything about it right now. When the time comes, you know, we will know. It’s hard to say… I cannot tell you what I’m going to do. It depends on the scenario and what it's like and if the person is also willing [to make peace]. Bakit natin pipilitin ang sarili natin ‘di ba?

The two used to be good friends but they had a falling out because of Gretchen’s alleged primadonna attitude during their pictorial for a shampoo commercial more than four years ago. Rumor has it that the two got into a heated exchange of insults about their respective statuses in life, and they haven’t been on speaking terms since then.

When asked how she’s able to maintain her composure despite such controversies in the past, Dawn explained that it’s probably because she’s not one to get involved in petty fights. “Kasi may pagka-deadmatic din ako e (laughs).” Has she always been non-confrontational in real life? “Wala, kasi as a public personality and celebrity, you try to bear in mind that people are watching you and siyempre yung big factor there is that people would also emulate you or admire you. And ayaw mo makasakit ng tao so you have to be careful with what you say and how you behave in public.”

And if there’s any maldita side to Dawn, she said that only the people closest to her could give a fair opinion on that matter. But she maintained that she wouldn’t have stayed this long in the business if she had been difficult to work with. “You have to ask my family and friends about that. Siyempre lahat naman tayo siguro meron ding mga quirks, pero as much as possible I’m very consistent naman, even with the way I treat my own friends. But there are things that I do reserve to myself. Just because I’m thinking of something, it doesn’t mean I have to share it. Like I said, choose your battles.”

Given the chance, would she agree to work with Gretchen for another teleserye?Mahirap na sagutin ‘yan (laughs). Huwag ni’yo na ako i-corner.”