Phil Younghusband is grateful that Angel Locsin trusts him

Phil Younghusband said that he and Angel Locsin are good friends now.



3/22/2011 8:24 AM
Phil Younghusband is grateful that Angel Locsin trusts him

032211-phil_main.jpgFresh from their game in Mongolia, Phil Younghusband smiled widely when told him about Angel Locsin’s previous interview wherein the latter said that she doesn’t believe rumors that Phil’s interest in dating her was really about a bet he made with his fellow Azkals. Angel also defended the Azkals striker on rumors that the latter is just using her for publicity.
Maraming salamat kay Angel. She is a nice person and she is very understanding. She knows not to believe anything until she hears it from the person involved. I am glad that she supports me. It’s very nice to know that she trusts me,” Phil said.
Phil added that he is happy because his efforts are paying off. He and Angel are good friends now. “I was away in Japan, so communicating with her was hard. It is a slow process and it takes time. But I still want to know her more.”
Phil also confirmed that their target shooting plan pushed through. “I had fun. We had fun. It was my first time to go target shooting. We went there with friends, it is easy with friends around. They make things a lot easier. We were shooting for a few hours and it was quite late so we had some coffee and went home.”
When Angel heard about the tsunami incident in Japan where the Azkals were practicing in preparation for their game in Mongolia, she contacted Phil to check if they were okay. “Yes, everyone knows Angel that she is a very kind and caring person. She is concerned about other people’s welfare. Hearing what was going on in Japan, obviously she was concerned. I let her know that I was safe and the whole team was as well.”