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Marie Digby says it's a dream come true to do an album in the Philippines

Marie Digby reveals that she'll be staying a few months in Manila to launch her music career.



3/19/2011 10:25 PM
Marie Digby says it's a dream come true to do an album in the Philippines

032011-marie_main.jpgIn an interview with Push.com.ph last March 14, international singer-songwriter Marie Digby revealed that her Philippine album is already in the works and she will soon announce which record label will be producing it. “I’ll probably be here for a few months. And I’ll be going back and forth between Manila and Tokyo because I’m also doing an album back there. I haven’t chosen the record label yet so we’re in talks with a few and I’m trying to figure out which is going to be the best. I’ll be doing concerts, TV appearances and whatever will make everybody happy,” she began.

Marie further shared that she really wanted to launch a music career in the Philippines, especially because a lot of her avid fans are Filipinos. “For me it has always been a dream to come here and to do specific work and not just spend two days and then see you later. Because my fans have always been very vocal with me and I listen to them. I have a very direct connection with them. And I notice that a lot of my fan letters, a lot of the emails, a lot of the comments that I’m getting are from the Philippines. So it has always been a dream of mine to come here and thank them directly by making music and doing concerts that are just for them.”

When asked about what kind of songs she’ll be offering her Pinoy fans this time around, Marie admitted that she preferred more upbeat tracks in her album despite her emotional experiences last year. “I’ve already started writing songs specifically for this album, and because I actually had a tough year last year there was a lot of illness, and a lot of tragedies for me last year. I wanted to write happy songs so the songs I’ve been writing for the album here in the Philippines have been more like light-hearted and positive.”

It remains be seen whether or not Sam Milby is one of her greatest inspirations these days. but Marie was quick to say that she really came for her fans and not really for the sake of her special friend. “Actually, Sam has been really supportive of my career, but no, [he has nothing to do with it]. More than anything it was the fans telling me, ‘Please come here, please do more concerts, please do an album.’ So more than anything, it’s the fans.”