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Marie Digby: 'Sam Milby is very special because he doesn't even realize how special he is'

Marie Digby is looking forward to spend more time with Sam Milby now that she'll be launching a music career in the Philippines.



3/16/2011 8:06 AM
Marie Digby: 'Sam Milby is very special because he doesn't even realize how special he is'

031611-marie_main.jpgIt was only a few hours since she arrived in Manila, but international artist Marie Digby answered queries about her special friendship with Sam Milby during an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN reporters last Monday evening (March 14). The talented singer shared that they’ve yet to see each other, but the Rockoustic Heartthrob got in touch with her already. “We don’t really get into details about our work, but I’m sure he knows that I’m coming to the Philippines. Yes [he already called/texted me now that I’m here]. Actually, he's very supportive of my career. It’s very nice to have people I know here. It’s a foreign country and I don’t speak Tagalog unfortunately, so it’s nice to know that I know people here and they can help me out,” she began.

Sam and Marie supposedly became an item when they to Boracay last summer. When asked how she feels about being romantically linked to Sam, Marie simply stated that she understands that it’s the nature of show business. “Oh yeah, Sam is very special to me and we’re very good friends so I expected that could happen. I think Sam’s used to it [the intrigues]. He lives here and it’s part of his life here, for him it’s like no big deal. Well, it’s something for me to get used to.”

Marie didn’t deny that they dated a few times last year, but they soon realized that a relationship between them won’t work after all. “Oh, I think distance is the most obvious factor. We live in two different countries and it’s very hard for anything to grow when you don’t get to see each other.” When prodded that they would have more time to see each other now that she’ll launch a music career here in the Philippines, the charming Irish-Japanese couldn’t help but laugh at the reporters’ leading questions. “Of course, I’m excited to have some quality time with my friends, so yeah. But he’s a very busy man. I wouldn’t expect any of that [for Sam to tour her around the metro] from him.”

Incidentally, Marie was in Japan when a massive earthquake hit the country last week; and she mentioned that Sam was one of those people who texted her to know she was okay. But what made him really special for her is that she finds him very down-to-earth in spite of his fame, good looks and lovable personality. “Sam is very special because he doesn’t even realize how special he is. I think he's very, very modest. He doesn’t even realize that he’s got that it factor and he’s charming. He just walks into a room and people would go [crazy over him]. He doesn’t even realize that. That’s what makes him special.”

For the record, Marie said that she’s very much single and she’s yet to experience being seriously committed to a relationship. “I’ve been thinking about that because I’m 28 years old, so I should be thinking about that. But I’m traveling so much I don’t know how I would make it work. It’ll be tough. For most of my life, I was not interested in boys whatsoever. It’s just all career for me and I feel like now is the time for me to start opening my eyes and see who I would be compatible with. So I’m just keeping my eyes open.”

When asked about her ideal guy, she said that she’d likely go for someone who shares the same principles like hers. “I think a kind heart is the most important thing and someone who has a real drive in life, some kind of a goal or motivation, you know. That’s how I live my life so it would be tough to be with a person who’s kind of whatever, you know. So I want someone with a goal, someone with passion and with a kind heart,” she said.