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Sid Lucero says he is not replacing Coco Martin as the prince of indie movies

Sid Lucero believes that there are a lot of indie actors who deserve recognition for their work.



3/15/2011 7:08 AM
Sid Lucero says he is not replacing Coco Martin as the prince of indie movies

031511-sid_main.jpgSid Lucero recently got two nominations from Golden Screen Awards of ENPRESS or Entertainment Press Society for Best Actor for the indie movie Muli and Best Supporting Actor for the Metro Manila Film Fest entry Rosario.

Though he has had acting nominations and awards in the past, Sid explained that he is more eager to learn the feedback from these awards-giving bodies. “I’m more excited to find out what the reactions are. When it comes to the awarding I’m more excited to find out kung bakit ‘yun ang pinili nila. That’s what I want to know. Like if they’ve chosen a certain actor, what they like about it,” Sid said during the press con for his first major endorsement, Great Taste Trio at the Holiday Inn last March 10.

Sid also recently finished shooting an indie film, titled Prey, which also stars French actress Isabelle Huppert and is directed by acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza.

Sid’s role was first offered to Coco Martin which the prince of indie movies refused because of other commitments. “Sayang nga eh, feeling ko bagay kay Coco talaga,” shared Sid. “In fact, Coco did visit the set and I was talking to him about it. Sabi ko, ‘Anong nangyari? Ikaw dapat ito, eh.’ And I was talking to Brillante about it sayang mas bagay talaga sa kanya (Coco) and then sa kanya wala, eh. He had work. Tsamba lang talaga na I got the role.”

He said that had Coco assumed the role, the movie could have been better. “Pero ang more proper term is mag-iiba siya. Sobrang free flowing ng movie. Imagine mo kung andun siya mag-iiba lahat. While they were briefing us about the movie I was thinking about who should play or what, siyempre may sarili kang opinyon, ‘di ba? And then nalaman ko si Coco. Sabi ko sayang.” Just the same, Sid said that it is still a blessing that he got the part even if he was not the first choice. “Someone else’s trash is someone else’s gold, you know.”

Since Coco is now very visible in mainstream movies and teleseryes, some say that Sid is the apparent heir to his prince of indie movies title, which Sid refused to acknowledge. “I think sabay kami pumasok sa indie. We’re not competing at all but we’re feeding off each other’s success. I think that’s the best way to put it. Like, ‘Wow si Coco nakagawa nito, gusto ko rin makagawa niyan!’” Sid said that there are a lot of princes of indie movies, which includes Coco and Ping Medina.

Sid also cleared up the issue of some controversial photos circulating on the Internet where he was shown dancing half-naked. He explained that the photos were taken during one of the shooting days of Prey where he did a lap dance for his French co-star. “It was to break the ice,” he clarified. “She was always alone with the producers. Sabi ko Direk (Brillante) I’m going to give her a lap dance, I don’t care anymore sabi niya, ‘Oo ba!’ She was shocked but afterwards, she was smiling. Lumabas lang talaga ‘yung tunay na color after the project, nung last day na. She was really an awesome person talaga.”

Sid did not even cringe when some members of the press said that his move was a bit wild. “I am wild. I’m just having fun,” he replied and added that he has no pretensions about his real personality. “I’m me. What other image do you have to wear, but me? But of course, you have to be careful with the things you have to say.”