Luis Manzano resolves to be more quiet about his love life

Being an entertainment news show host himself, Luis Manzano says he won't force a fellow celebrity to talk about something against his will.



3/16/2011 7:56 AM
Luis Manzano resolves to be more quiet about his love life

031611-luis_main.jpgLuis Manzano has decided to talk less about his love life. The actor-host, who used to be very vocal when he and ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin were still an item, said that he has resolved to be more careful about saying things about his and Angel's respective love lives. It is why he does not want to comment about the recent issue that Angel is supposedly dating football star Phil Younghusband. “Kumbaga nasa Senado ako, para akong pinatawag sa hearing. It’s a whole new me. I don’t see anything wrong in terms of me trying to prioritize my privacy even more.”

He was asked if he does not see it unfair to be secretive about his private life when he, as the host of a showbiz-oriented talk show, usually pries into his fellow celebrities’ lives on television. “Kaya nga ako’y host, ‘yun ang medyo lamang ko,” he reasoned and said that he knows his limitations as a host of Entertainment Live. “I’ll share what I want to share but it doesn’t necessarily mean [I’ll share] everything. In the same way, ‘pag nakikita ko ang artist na he’s not comfortable sa bounds na pupuntahan namin, rerespetuhin ko ‘yun.”

Meantime, Luis also clarified the recent issue that his mom, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos was supposedly involved in an ambush. He said that last Saturday, March 12, on the set of Entertainment Live, he received a call from one of the heads of their business unit and told him about his mom and an ambush that happened in Batangas. “Hindi klaro [ang pagkakasabi] para ipagsama ang dalawang salita na ‘yon… So na-praning ako. Tumawag ako sa mommy ko right away. My mom explained naman na what happened nga na ‘yung ambush ay nangyari nga sa kanyang executive assistant and sabi ko nga nagko-convoy ba kayo, ikaw ba ‘yung intensyon na unfortunately siya ang nadamay? Ang sabi niya hindi. [I’m] hoping hindi naman ang mommy ko ang target.”

He shared that more than being afraid, his mom was saddened about the loss. “She was saddened by the demise of someone close to her, a public servant of Batangas. Alam mo ‘yung fear na ‘yan, knowing my mom, mas malulungkot pa ‘yan sa nangyari dun sa pamilya [ng pumanaw]. I know my mom, sa ganyang mga bagay-bagay during the elections, my mom takes the necessary precautions. It’s not necessarily fear, but she’s playing the safe card.”

Aside from his mom, Luis’s father (Edu Manzano) and stepfather (Sen. Ralph Recto) are also public servants and he justified that he knows that they are aware of the dangers of being a politician and are taking the necessary precautions. “Alam nila ang lahat ng kasama don [sa pagsali sa pulitika].”

Luis, who previously admitted that he is interested in joining politics in the future, said that the recent incident concerning his mom’s subordinate did not change his plan of considering politics as a career. “Dati pa naman [nangyayari na ito]. Hindi naman ito ang kauna-unahang merong nasawi dahil sa pulitika.” He continued that even in other places and other countries, there have been politics-related violence.