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Kris Aquino on James Yap: 'Handa na siya maki-double date sa akin'

Kris Aquino is very proud of her amicable relationship with her ex, James Yap.



3/1/2011 8:24 AM
Kris Aquino on James Yap: 'Handa na siya maki-double date sa akin'

030111-kris_main.jpgAfter the controversies surrounding her split with husband James Yap last year, Kris Aquino was happy to say that their annulment case has been going very well. “Hindi, kasi bawal pag-usapan yung nilalaman ng case kasi meron kaming gag order. Pero we're at liberty to say na nagkaroon na kami ng malinaw at maayos na settlement. Kasi bago pa yun humantong sa trial. Hinihingi yun ng judge na lahat ng properties niyo mahati na as amicably as possible. E wala naman naging problema,” said Kris in an interview with the local press last February 25.

Now that the issue regarding the division of their properties is out of the way, Kris believed that it’s only a matter of time before she and James will both be free to love again. “Wala pa, hinihintay pa [yung resulta ng case], but coming very soon. Kasi lahat ng bagay na ano, pinansyal naayos na. Ok na kami. May mga hearing kami na parating. Hopefully by the middle of the year tapos na. So hopefully mga three to four months [yung hihintayin namin].”

But what’s amazing is that the two of them have become good friends again to the point that James recently consulted Kris about whether he should purchase his rented condo at the Fort or look for someone else to live in. “Hard to believe that in 10 months we reached the point that my opinion matters again with him. To those who thought friendship was impossible [between an ex-married couple], simple answer—because of Bimby everything is possible,” Kris said in her previous tweets.

Kris further revealed at the press con that she’s even willing to double date with James if given the chance. She also let it slip that James has found a constant date these days while she’s still on the lookout for a potential partner. “Friends na kami. Handa na nga siya maki-double date sa akin e. E ano pa, sabi ko, ‘Ikaw meron ka ng ka-date ako wala pa. Hanapan mo ako.’”

But she refused to reveal who the new girl in James’s life is for fear that it would ruin the smooth relationship that they’ve worked hard on. But clearly, Kris no longer harbor any bitterness towards her soon-to-be ex-husband. “Tanungin niyo si Bimby. Si Bimby ang sasagot kasi kapag ako ang sumagot aawayin ako ni James. E kapag si Bimby nagsabi ‘di niya ako pwedeng awayin.”