Piero Vergara is proud to be Cebuano



2/5/2011 12:49 AM
Piero Vergara is proud to be Cebuano

Currently seen in the afternoon teen show Shoutout Level Up and in the fantaserye Mutya, Piero Vergara is definitely one busy guy. The 17 year-old had to put his studies on hold in order to go to Manila and enter showbiz via a teen talent search in 2009. Piero is currently in his last year of high school. “I go to a science high school but when things get less busy here, I really have to go back to Cebu to finish it. Also, my family is in Cebu,” he told Push.com.ph.

The Cebuano cutie admitted that he misses a lot of things from his hometown, one of which is the annual Sinulog festival, which was held earlier this year. “It’s really one of the things I miss most. The Sinulog festival is one of the most fun things to experience in Cebu. Everybody’s celebrating. Just thinking about missing it this year makes me sad,” he admitted.

Like any typical Cebuano teen, Piero admitted he is much more comfortable speaking English than Tagalog. “Kasi in Cebu we speak mostly English or Bisaya lang. Not really Tagalog. Ganun talaga sa Cebu,” he explained. Now that he’s based in Manila, Piero hopes to continue his college education here when he finally graduates. The Mutya actor admitted he wants to further hone his music-writing and singing skills. “I want to take up maybe journalism or something that could help me improve my writing skills,” he added.

Piero admitted that of all the lovely ladies in showbiz, one of his longtime crushes is Rhian Ramos. “I would say she is still the top one for me. I’ve seen her before and I think she’s just stunning. She’s tall, pretty, and a great actress. She’s got this charming simplicity about her. She doesn’t try to enthrall you with anything fancy. Parang she’s just easygoing and you can she that she doesn’t try to really be out there and she doesn’t try to impress people. That’s what I think is great about her talaga,” he said. But lately, he admitted that it’s his co-cast member in Shoutout and love interest in Mutya that has been getting his attention lately, on and off the set. “I think Yen Santos a great girl. She’s very nice tapos perky pa,” he said.