Piero Vergara is excited to get into drama in Mutya


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2/4/2011 7:41 AM
Piero Vergara is excited to get into drama in Mutya

Aside from being a regular on Shoutout Level Up, Piero Vergara is also busy taping for his first primetime project on ABS-CBN: the fantaserye Mutya which premiered on January 31. Piero first started in showbiz in 2009 when he joined a teen talent search in another network. The 17 year-old admitted the transition process was not easy but he'rsquo;s settled in quite well in the Kapamilya network. "I'rsquo;m now under Star Magic. I really started sa showbiz in GMA. It'rsquo;s been alright. For a while, things were pretty rough on both ends pero I got to smoothen it out so we'rsquo;re actually alright na. I met with a few of the people I used to work with at GMA tapos no hard feelings naman. This was a good opportunity and I grabbed it," he shared with Push.com.ph.

Playing the role of a spoiled brat named Dennis in Mutya, Piero said that his character is far from his real life persona. But he welcomed the challenge of playing a character that is totally new to him. This Cebuano cutie also wanted to dispel rumors that he is also arrogant in real life. "I really like this role I play in Mutya. I don'rsquo;t know if people have different opinions because personally I see myself to be a pretty modest person. Pero in this show I'rsquo;m saksakan ng yabang na tao so it'rsquo;s a real challenge for me. I enjoy doing it," he said.

Piero said that he wants to follow in the footsteps of his Hollywood idols Brad Pitt and Matt Damon when it comes to versatility in tackling roles. "When I see the kind of roles that they do, it'rsquo;s not always the good guy. Sometimes they do cocky roles. I can'rsquo;t help but think na idol ko yang mga yan so I really hope to achieve that kind of image. So I can consider this role in Mutya as also a kind of dream role," he said.

Piero is also grateful to be able to work with experienced actresses like Sandy Andolong and Precious Lara Quigaman. "Actually everybody has been really helpful and it'rsquo;s been a very great learning experience for me kasi this is my first time acting so I'rsquo;m pretty clueless when I'rsquo;m on set. I don'rsquo;t know how to fix my face or do the reactions. When somebody'rsquo;s talking I don'rsquo;t even know what to do. I'rsquo;m just fidgeting," he admitted.

Piero also had nothing but praises for the star of Mutya, ABS-CBN'rsquo;s newest child star'nbsp; Mutya Orquija. "She'rsquo;s so charming and so cute. Sobrang cute niya talaga. I think she'rsquo;s a humble girl and she learns pretty quickly. She'rsquo;s got loads of talent. She can deliver lines well. There'rsquo;s a lot to say about Mutya. She'rsquo;s so cute. Gusto ko siya i-adopt. So adorable," he said.