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Georgina Wilson says going into showbiz will be gradual for her

Being a guest hurado on Showtime for two months now, Georgina Wilson describes it as hard work but enjoyable.



2/27/2011 7:39 PM
Georgina Wilson says going into showbiz will be gradual for her

022711-georgina_main.jpgCommercial and print model Georgina Wilson remains as one of the guest judges of Showtime after she joined the panel in January 2011. However, she said that she is not really keen on entering showbiz any time soon. “I wouldn’t say I’m going into showbiz. I’ve always been kind of in showbiz, but not on TV,” she explained. “I guess this is like the first time [that] I’m actually on a show.”

Georgina recalled that she was really scared at first when she was commissioned to be a Showtime Hurado. “But now it’s like I don’t know why I was even scared.” But she admitted that it is no easy feat especially for first-timers like her. “People don’t realize that I’m still getting used to it but you know it’s an enjoyable job.“ She added that she realizes now how much hard work production people put in to make every episode and that is why she has so much respect for them.

When Push.com.ph asked her if she intends to try acting next, Georgina replied, “I’m really taking it one day at a time and I’m super enjoying it. I’m not closing my doors on anything but on Showtime, I’m not acting, I’m really being myself. For the mean time, that’s the most comfortable I can be. But if I find a show that’s being offered to me na feel ko na kaya ko, then I’ll think about it. I’m not close-minded but I’m also [careful].”

Georgina also proved that she is more than just a pretty face when she showcased her good singing voice during the “Sample, sample” portion of the judges on Showtime. She admitted that although she was really conscious during the first few episodes of Showtime as a hurado, she eventually learned how to be more comfortable. She also revealed that the best compliments she received were the comments from her fans praising her good singing voice.

She shared that joining Showtime was actually her way of conquering her fear and trying something new. “It was more of it’s the New Year, I should try things that I was afraid of and there was nothing to lose,” she said.