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Vic Sotto says it wasnt his decision to replace Toni Gonzaga in his new movie

Despite their cancelled project, Vic Sotto says there's no issue between him and Toni Gonzaga.



2/24/2011 8:01 AM
Vic Sotto says it wasnt his decision to replace Toni Gonzaga in his new movie

In an interview with Push.com.ph, Vic Sotto said that there was no truth to the rumors that he didn'rsquo;t want Toni Gonzaga to be his leading lady in his upcoming movie because her new noontime show Happy Yipee Yehey! is pitted against Eat Bulaga! He explained that it was Star Cinema who had the prerogative to replace Toni with Bea Alonzo. "I didn'rsquo;t have anything to do with that decision. Wala akong karapatan para gawin yun e. So kung ano man ang final casting, that was Star Cinema's decision. And I'rsquo;m very happy with their decision," he began.

Vic further shared that it'rsquo;s no big deal even if Toni did not personally inform him that she would no longer be part of the project. Although they don'rsquo;t see each other that much, he claimed that there had never been bad blood between them. "Toni and I are okay. We'rsquo;re not really that close, pero 'lsquo;pag nagkikita kami, okay na. Nagkita kami sa birthday ni Joey (de Leon) last year. It was nice to see her at the time, after a long time. Alam mo naman kami, ganon lang e, wala kaming issue issue, tira lang ng tira," he cheerfully remarked.

Vic appreciated the fact that Toni waited six years before hosting a noontime show out of respect to her former Eat Bulaga family. "Mabuti naman (laughs). Kami din naman nirerespeto din ang lahat ng nakakasabay namin. I can'rsquo;t even get used to the word kalaban or kasabay namin." He also praised Toni for all her accomplishments since she started in the biz. "We'rsquo;ll always be proud of her. Sabi ni'rsquo;yo nga, sa amin siya nagsimula. Basta kami, we'll always be happy for her. We always believe in her talent sa singing, hosting and comedy."

As for Toni'rsquo;s previous statement that Happy Yipee Yehey! is not out to compete with Eat Bulaga!, Vic explained that he'rsquo;d rather think of improving his noontime show than let it'rsquo;s success go to his head. "It'rsquo;s very flattering [for them to say that they'rsquo;re just offering an alternative to the viewers]. If Eat Bulaga! has become an institution already, we're just part of it. The credit goes to the show as a whole. Nakakatuwa naman 'lsquo;pag may nagsasabing ganon."

So it doesn'rsquo;t bother him that Toni chose to work on Happy Yipee Yehey! which rivals his own show? "No, after more than 25 years na katapat, I think we're used to it. Sabi nga ni pareng Joey, we'rsquo;re used to being second, mga hari kami ng runner-up, that'rsquo;s what we always think about, 'lsquo;yan ang aming frame of mind. So runner-up kami, we'll try to do better next time."