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Piero Vergara says theres no jealousy issues between him and other teen stars in Shoutout Level Up

Piero Vergara says that they're all friends on 'Shoutout Level Up.'


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2/3/2011 7:27 AM
Piero Vergara says theres no jealousy issues between him and other teen stars in Shoutout Level Up

After transferring to the Kapamilya network, upcoming actor Piero Vergara has been busy with projects like Shoutout Level Up and Primetime Bida'rsquo;s newest fantaserye Mutya. The 17-year-old cutie from Cebu City admitted he feels very lucky to have been chosen as part of these shows despite being former talent of a rival network. Piero said that he knows that not all actors are given this kind of chance so he hopes to prove his worth in the months to come. "They gave me an opportunity and it'rsquo;s a matter of what I make of it so it gets me really nervous because I could screw it up if I don'rsquo;t do well. Parang nako-conscious ako sobra. I was entrusted with these roles so parang it'rsquo;s a really big pressure for me to deliver especially since I just started here in ABS-CBN," he shares during the press conference for Mutya held last January 27 at the ABS-CBN compound.

Along with the today'rsquo;s hottest batch of upcoming teen stars, Piero is also seen weekdays on the musical variety show Shoutout Level Up. Piero said that it was not hard for him to adjust to the group because everyone treats each other as friends on and off the set. "As far as I see it, wala namang ganung klase ng competition. The mood there is very light. Like I said, parang playground lang talaga. I think a share a pretty good relationship with everybody naman. I enjoy working with everybody in Shoutout because it'rsquo;s a very young batch, very enthusiastic, it'rsquo;s so inspired. It really brings the best out of everybody," he said.

Piero admitted that he has also been trying to encourage his other friends in the industry to try out for the show despite the show'rsquo;s more challenging format which encourages its cast to show off their best talents. "I actually tell a lot of people, 'lsquo;Dude you got to join Shoutout!'rsquo; It'rsquo;s the best. In a way, we get paid to just have fun. Pero now it'rsquo;s more tense, the pressure really sinks down on you talaga nowadays," he admitted.

As an aspiring singer and songwriter, Piero hopes to get the chance to perform one of his songs on the show someday. "I auditioned one of my songs in Shoutout recently kasi they have a new system. It'rsquo;s a scarier system. You would not believe the tension that we have to sit through on the set," he said. But Piero admitted all the pressure is worth it considering he is on the right path towards his goal of becoming an acknowledged singer. "What has always been on my mind when I got into show business is to start up a singing career. I write songs so I thought that getting into television would be a very good medium for me to express my songs. I normally I do mga acoustic alternative type of music," he shared.

In Mutya, Piero plays the role of Dennis, the cocky, spoiled son of veteran actress Sandy Andolong, for which he underwent an acting workshop under Pen Medina. "Galing kami sa mahirap tapos yumaman kami. In the story I'rsquo;m a good guy, but I act like a bad guy. Mayabang ako dito dahil I came from an International school tapos I'rsquo;m kind of a brat who doesn'rsquo;t know what I'rsquo;m doing with my life, parang ganun,