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Donita Rose says her friendship with Ruffa Gutierrez was never showbiz

'Umagang Kay Ganda' host Donita Rose says she and Ruffa Gutierrez are as close as ever.


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2/18/2011 7:14 AM
Donita Rose says her friendship with Ruffa Gutierrez was never showbiz

During the presscon for Umagang Kay Ganda last February 11, Donita Rose shared that despite their busy work schedules, her friendship with best friend Ruffa Gutierrez is still as strong as ever even though they now work for different networks. "It'rsquo;s not a problem at all. In fact ang friendship namin is far from being showbiz kasi when I see Ruffa put on her other hats, parang natatawa ako sa kanya. I know it'rsquo;s a part of who Ruffa is, but it'rsquo;s not all that she is. There'rsquo;s a side of Ruffa that I see that a lot of people don'rsquo;t get to see," she told Push.com.ph.

After becoming friends when they were both part of the now defunct teen-oriented show That'rsquo;s Entertainment back in the late 'lsquo;80s, Donita shared that she and Ruffa are still as close as ever. Donita said they still consult each other for almost everything. And even though their communication styles are different, they have not lost touch even during the busiest parts of their lives. "Ruffa has so many friends but she'rsquo;s so clingy and thoughtful in a sense na even nung That'rsquo;s Entertainment days namin 20 years ago, even when she was living wherever in the world, she'rsquo;d send me postcards all the time. And I would never answer her back. That'rsquo;s just me but I would always make the effort to call her all the time naman. So kami ni Ruffa ngayon, now that there'rsquo;s Twitter, Facebook, text messaging, and phone calls, and the internet, mas madali na for us to be updated with each other. Ruffa'rsquo;s one of those people na if you haven'rsquo;t seen her in a while, magtatampo yun. Ganun siya, kasi she craves to spend time with you again," she shared with Push.com.ph.

Although Donita has chosen to keep a low profile after marriage, she said she is used to Ruffa always making showbiz headlines. The 36-year-old mother of one said she has always been there to listen whenever Ruffa has a problem. "We talk about it all. We talk about everything. Most of the time, I give her unsolicited advice. And most of the time she doesn'rsquo;t listen, but there are rare occasions when she does. Ruffa'rsquo;s not really the type to ask people for advice. She likes to make kuwento but she doesn'rsquo;t normally ask people for advice unless its people that she really respects. I think I'rsquo;m one of those people that she respects because whenever a serious situation comes along, she'rsquo;ll call me or Tita Angeli Pangilinan and say, 'lsquo;I need your opinion.'rsquo; She asks what does the Bible say about this or that," she said.

Donita also admitted that because her best friend has chosen a different kind of lifestyle, it sometimes causes minor disagreements between them. "There are times when I make tampo and I tell her, 'lsquo;You'rsquo;re so showbiz,'rsquo; but then after that she comes back to me with heartfelt sincerity, saying something about the Bible and I warm up to her again because I just know that there'rsquo;s a side to that girl that people don'rsquo;t see. She has a side na parang sobrang mapagmahal sa Diyos na hindi kita when you see the kenkoy Ruffa doing her typical showbiz thing," she shared.