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Donita Rose admits she wouldve quit showbiz if not for Umagang Kay Ganda

Donita Rose says she was hesitant about returning to the spotlight after she got married.


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2/17/2011 7:41 AM
Donita Rose admits she wouldve quit showbiz if not for Umagang Kay Ganda

Donita Rose said she was looking forward to working with Umagang Kay Ganda'rsquo;s newest batch of hosts, which also includes Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up Venus Raj and Iya Villania. "I'rsquo;m excited rin kasi of course panibago na yung mga ka-banter ko. I spent three and half years with the other hosts before and medyo nagkaroon na kami ng comfort zone dahil they know you so well, ganun. So with these guys we'rsquo;re kind of like in the getting-to-know-you stage," she said.

Donita said that with this new batch of hosts also come a lot of fresh changes in the popular morning show. "So it'rsquo;s starting all over again and we don'rsquo;t really know what'rsquo;s in store for us yet. Because I'rsquo;m pretty sure we'rsquo;re going to be doing a lot of experimenting on this show, but I'rsquo;m also looking forward to a more mature me. It'rsquo;s still going to be fun naman pero parang mag-fo-focus on me being a young mom. And I guess that would mean more substance in some of the segments I do so I'rsquo;m really looking forward to that," she shared during the Umagang Kay Ganda presscon held at the 9501 restaurant inside the ABS-CBN compound last February 11.
The former VJ admitted that after her stint with MTV in Singapore and after she got married, she wasn'rsquo;t really that keen on going back to showbiz. "The thing is, I really didn'rsquo;t want to do the normal showbiz route anymore. Not that there'rsquo;s anything wrong with doing soap operas and doing lagare, but after MTV and after finding so much fulfillment in my last job, parang I was hesitant to continue on in my career knowing that I might not be able to top that. Expectations would be so high, being an international VJ and blah, blah, blah all of a sudden. Baka people might think na na-downgrade ko yung sarili ko in a sense by coming home and doing the typical thing so I was pressured," she admitted.

Donita shared that getting the offer to join Umagang Kay Ganda back in 2007 came at the perfect time. "Before UKG, I actually planned on quitting showbiz already. Me and my husband were planning to move back to the States and we'rsquo;ve been praying about it for a long time. We had this deal na he and I would pray about it separately and when it reaches it'rsquo;s deadline, mag-uusap kami on what we believe is God'rsquo;s destiny and purpose for us. And then before that happened, I did a documentary in Boracay, which was supposed to be really fun and more for tourism and Eric saw me at work. He said na I was glowing, I was so alive and since I had taken a break from the industry after my son was born, parang I thought yes I'rsquo;ve always been happy, nagha-honeymoon pa kami, bahay-bahayan. But he says that there was a different side of me that he recognized that was part of his responsibility to uphold, and that was to see me still in this industry, maximizing the platform that'rsquo;s been given to me. When he saw that, he said 'lsquo;You know what, it'rsquo;s not about confirmation from God. It'rsquo;s really about what specific purpose did God create you for and I know for a fact that he created you for this.'rsquo; And then he said, 'lsquo;Let'rsquo