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Iya Villania says boyfriend Drew Arellano is not comfortable with her sexier image

Actress-host Iya Villania says boyfriend Drew Arellano is supportive of her career decisions.



2/16/2011 8:00 AM
Iya Villania says boyfriend Drew Arellano is not comfortable with her sexier image

Iya Villania said that she felt proud that she became part of the recently concluded Kristine Series, considering that it was the most daring role she did so far. "It actually gave me that sense of fulfillment of enjoying acting, the enjoyment of playing a different character, of being someone very different from who you really are," she said.

She admitted that she was uncomfortable at first when she learned that her character was required to be daring, but she took on the challenge and put her trust in their director. Apart from her daring role in Kristine Series, Iya also posed as a calendar girl for an alcohol brand.

However, Iya admitted that her boyfriend, host Drew Arellano, is not comfortable with her sexier image. "It'rsquo;s something different for him, like, 'lsquo;Wow may ganyan ka na, ha!'rsquo; But of course, it'rsquo;s normal for a guy to feel uncomfortable when he see or hears that his girlfriend is kissing another guy so I understand that." Iya added that Drew would go to sleep early so that he wouldn'rsquo;t be able to watch his girlfriend doing kissing scenes with leading man Rafael Rosell in Kristine Series. "Alam naman niya and bakit niya ilalagay ang sarili niya sa uncomfortable situation?" She was quick to add that Drew trusts her that is why he lets her decide on her own. "He just wants to let me make my own decision because I'rsquo;m discovering more about myself. And I'rsquo;m becoming a stronger and better person."

Now that they have been together for seven years, Iya said that her relationship with Drew grows stronger because they try to keep it private as much as they can and they are in constant communication and are understanding with each other. "Matindi na kasi 'lsquo;yung foundation namin," she said.

She also explained that their relationship is not affected even if their respective morning shows are direct competitors. Drew has been part of Unang Hirit for many years now while it is Iya'rsquo;s first time to do an early morning program via Umagang Kay Ganda. The host-actress went on to say that her boyfriend is really supportive of her new hosting stint. "Actually excited siya for me because it'rsquo;s something new. He'rsquo;s been with Unang Hirit for how many years, college pa lang ako. Excited kami to experience that."

Iya will also be hosting an upcoming reality TV show I Dare You with Jericho Rosales and Melai Cantiveros. Asked if she will be doing more acting projects, she replied, "I don'rsquo;t think it'rsquo;s something that I can dictate. If there are opportunities, I'rsquo;ll do my thing, I'rsquo;ll do my best."