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Derek Ramsay shares secrets to his lasting relationship with Angelica Panganiban

Filipino-British actor Derek Ramsay says girlfriend Angelica Panganiban has become a happier person ever since she has finally met her biological father.



2/15/2011 7:05 AM
Derek Ramsay shares secrets to his lasting relationship with Angelica Panganiban

Derek Ramsay continues to keep his promise to girlfriend Angelica Panganiban which is to show her the world. As of this writing, the couple is spending a week-long vacation in Bali, Indonesia. He also shared with Push.com.ph a list of places that they intend to visit in the future, including Peru and Tibet.

Now in their fourth year as a couple, Derek said that he and Angelica try to enjoy each day. "Don'rsquo;t focus on the relationship. You let it flow. I don'rsquo;t want it to be mechanical. I don'rsquo;t want Angel to do things for me because we'rsquo;re in a relationship and I think she feels the same way. I think once the relationship becomes mechanical I think that'rsquo;s when the relationship begins to die."

He went on to say that he disagrees with the common perception that a relationship requires a lot of hard work. "I don'rsquo;t really like that'hellip; you know, bringing up a child is a lot of work but the joy you get from it, you can'rsquo;t compare [it with anything else]." He said that the focus should not be on the hard work, but on the joys you get from it.

Asked what Angelica has taught him, Derek replied, "She taught me not to worry so much'hellip; 'lsquo;pag nagwo-worry ka about family. She taught me dapat talaga you should not put too much stress with yourself; that everything has a solution. She made me realize na I'rsquo;m surrounded by people who love me." He added that he also admires Angel for being true to herself, even when other people accuse her of being arrogant.

Derek also described Angelica as a happier person ever since she reconnected with her father, Mark Charlson, before 2010 ended. However, Derek clarified that his girlfriend had always known who her family is, referring to people who raised her and treated her like their own
He shared that he has already talked to Angelica'rsquo;s dad over the phone when the actor celebrated his birthday last December. "He'rsquo;s a really nice guy," described the Fil-British actor. "Hopefully we could meet. [The conversation was] very casual. He told me he heard about me. Sabi ko I'rsquo;m very happy we'rsquo;re getting along. Sabi ko when he goes here I don'rsquo;t know when, but he has to get a ride on my car. It'rsquo;s very casual. He seems like a very warm person."

Derek'rsquo;s next project will be the horror movie Corazon under Star Cinema which also stars Erich Gonzales whom he previously worked with in the teleserye, Magkaribal.