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Ryan Cayabyab envisions having more music teachers in the Philippines

Ryan Cayabyab believes making music courses more accessible will help produce more teachers in the Philippines.



2/12/2011 10:38 PM
Ryan Cayabyab envisions having more music teachers in the Philippines

Ryan Cayabyab has been tapped by the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mangaawit (OPM) and Taguig 2nd District Representative Freddie Tiñga to develop a music curriculum that hopefully will be integrated into the public school system beginning the next academic year. This program aims to teach appreciation of local music to the young generation since over the years the love for homegrown songs have waned. According to Ryan, “In my 20 years of teaching in the University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music, I think ang input na manggagaling sa akin is a curriculum on teaching young people how to create their songs, the melodies, lyrics. I believe ang pinakaimportante is ‘yung bagong generation is they get to share to the world songs about their lives, songs that speak of their hopes and aspirations. Hopefully their songs will populate the music industry in the future.”

Congressman Tiñga shared that most members of the House of Congress have expressed their support in sponsoring teachers in their respective districts who will teach the curriculum to be drafted by Ryan, a renowned composer and musician. The problem, however, is ensuring that the sponsored music teacher have the important music knowledge so they can efficiently teach the subject.

Mr. C explained, “Ang problema kasi ngayon, ‘yung music teacher siya na rin ang magtuturo ng Art at P.E. Right now my wife is embarking on a music curriculum for Grade 1 up to Fourth Year in High School. Habang ginagawa niya ‘yun naisip niya na ang dapat magtuturo ng program na ‘yun ay hindi ganun kataas ang knowledge sa music education. Inisip niya talaga na gawin ang bawat subject na maiintindihan ng isang teacher na hindi nag-aral ng music. They are making it simple for all teachers.”

The Maestro said he hopes that by making music courses more accessible, schools across the Philippines may hire more competent music teachers that will instill music appreciation to the youth of today and tomorrow. “Ang totoo napakahirap pumasa sa isang school of music dito sa Pilipinas. Akala lang ng marami napakadali since music lang naman ‘yan. CHED is devising a program in which in two years, you can get a minimum requirement so you can teach music. ‘Yung mga important lessons lang like basic theories, history, music literature. That is to produce more music teachers na meron naman kahit konting alam talaga sa music.”

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