Ogie Alcasid denies misunderstanding with Kuh Ledesma

OPM President Ogie Alcasid says he is not in favor of regulating concerts of foreign artists in the Philippines.



2/12/2011 9:48 PM
Ogie Alcasid denies misunderstanding with Kuh Ledesma

President of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mangaawit (OPM) Ogie Alcasid clarified that the group isn'rsquo;t asking the government to regulate concerts by foreign acts in the Philippines so as to favor local artists. This move was said to have come from music icon Kuh Ledesma who believed that it might be best if every February, when most local artists would put up a show, foreign acts will not be allowed to perform. However, Ogie said, "Kami po sa OPM, we are not against foreign musicians coming over here. In fact, we learn from them and it's good for tourism."

Ogie clarified that the issue came about when OPM and Kuh had a meeting. "The regulation of foreign acts was a suggestion by Ms. Kuh Ledesma. Kami sa OPM, we are not for that. She opened up the topic during the dialogue but hindi namin na-discuss and we understand the sentiments of Ms. Kuh. But it's really a long shot."

For Ogie, the group must not restrict the choices of the audience in terms of what kind of show they want to watch. "Kailangan nating respetuhin 'yong consumers natin, 'yong mga concert goers natin, na meron silang choice. Kung gusto nilang manood ng foreign, kung gusto nilang manood ng Janet Jackson, ganun'mdash;that we have to respect."

The issue of regulation elicited various reactions from the public and even many local singers. But according to OPM Board Member Dingdong Avanzado, the Kuh'rsquo;s suggestion was for regulation and not a total ban. "Suggestion lang naman niya 'lsquo;yung i-regulate. Wala siyang sinabing 'lsquo;banning.'rsquo; We all appreciate western music pero 'lsquo;wag naman to the point na 'lsquo;yung identity natin e mawawala na. Sana ma-clarify 'lsquo;yun na wala namang sinabing 'lsquo;ban'rsquo; si Kuh and hers was just a suggestion. Parang ang dating ngayon kasi is she was put in a bad light and kaya niya sinabi 'lsquo;yun was para self-serving sa kanya. I understood what she meant."

Dingdong partly agreed with the regulation program as a means to help the local music industry, and he even cited Metro Manila Film Festival as an example. "For me personally I think regulation will also help the local music industry. Kagaya ng Metro Manila Film Festival na every Christmas season puro local movies lang ang nasa mga sinehan around the country, walang foreign movie. Sana ang OPM maka-adapt ng ganung model to help our local artists and producers."