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Sharon Cuneta, still miffed at her sexy billboards detractors

Sharon Cuneta says that the controversy about her billboard ad is possibly a hate campaign against her.



2/10/2011 7:35 PM
Sharon Cuneta, still miffed at her sexy billboards detractors

Sharon Cuneta was really offended when she learned about Hayden Kho'rsquo;s supposed negative implication towards her controversial billboard for Marie France. In a no-holds-barred interview with the local press last February 9, she expressed how unbecoming it is of Hayden to make insulting remarks about her especially in light of his bad reputation with women. The Megastar even challenged him to deal with his own problems first before waging a war with her.

Hayden on the other hand was quick to deny that he was referring to Sharon when he posted a blind item in his Twitter account which said, "There's a billboard ad in Edsa developed by advertisers who think consumers are stupid. Guess." But then a lot of people felt that it was an attack against the Megastar who was recently launched as the newest endorser of the said slimming company. As it is, some are saying that Sharon'rsquo;s improved figure in the billboard is overly-edited or photoshopped because her figure looks not as slim in person.

In her mobile subscription service earlier today, Sharon further clarified that there'rsquo;s no reason for her to lie about her billboard and her ongoing weight loss when it could easily backfire on her in the end. "After all is said and done, I guess one of the things it boils down to is my Marie France billboard. There are two versions but I think it'rsquo;s the blue "before and after" billboard that they insist is not truthful. I have a couple of questions.'nbsp; Do you think that a 25-year-old successful company would stupidly throw away their hard-earned reputation over one campaign? And do you honestly think that I would throw away my name and your trust in me over one billboard?"

Sharon explained that she'rsquo;s really working on her weight loss program which is why there are noticeable changes in her figure. "Now do you think that both Marie France and I would put up a billboard na dinoktor at dinaya para lokohin kayong lahat? When all you have to do is watch me live on Star Power every weekend, and see me in other shows and publications'mdash;na paano kung lolokohin namin ang tao'mdash;kung malayo ang itchura ko sa TV sa itchura ko sa billboard ko, hindi ba kami ang magmumukhang tanga? Plus keep in mind that TV puts on anywhere between 5 to 15 pounds sa kahit kaninong tao. And still, pumapayat pa rin ako, yun lang naman 'lsquo;yon."

At the end of her text message, Sharon hinted that this controversy is just a hate campaign against her. But she didn'rsquo;t identify as to the most likely people behind it. "Actually may idea na talaga kami kung sinu-sino ang nag-umpisa nito," the Megastar simply stated.'nbsp;