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Sid Lucero says commercial films can take a cue from indie films


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12/8/2011 9:15 AM
Sid Lucero says commercial films can take a cue from indie films

120811-sid_main.jpgWith numerous independent film projects now under his belt, Sid Lucero admitted he is always on the lookout for more acting challenges. The talented actor was recently part of the Cinema One Originals film Anatomiya ng Korupsiyon.

The 30 year-old said that Anatomiya, which also stars Maricar Reyes, is different from his past indie movies. “Most of the indie films that I’ve done are basically a day in the life of a Filipino. What makes Anatomiya ng Korupsiyon different is that it is the day in the life of the Philippines through a Filipino or a group of Filipinos. Like it’s usually about this guy who does this or does that, most of my films are all like that. Like Tambolista was about a guy who grew up in dirty Manila, Muli is about homosexuality in the ‘60s and most of my films are like that. This is the first film that I did which does not just talk about a certain Filipino but why we are the way we are. That’s one of the reasons why I accepted the role,” he recalled.

It was a banner year for Sid as he received two nominations from Golden Screen Awards of the Entertainment Press Society for Best Actor for the indie movie Muli and Best Supporting Actor for the Metro Manila Film Fest entry Rosario. Having been active in both independent and mainstream films, Sid admitted he knows there is a glaring disparity between the two film industries. “For me there are only two kinds of films, one that makes money and one that tells a story. And for me, this indie Anatomiya ng Korpusiyon is pareho lang siya. I’ve worked with a few mainstream films and malamang mas madaming indie pero pareho lang siya para sa akin eh. Although mas na-e-enjoy ko yung indie because doon lang lumalabas yung totoo,” he told Push.com.ph.

“For example, I remember this issue that came out, I’m not sure what movie this came out, Red Diaries ata tapos Assunta (de Rossi) in three different films pero siya artista sa lahat. May isang part dun na aasawa siya ng pulis tapos pinapa-gangbang siya sa ibang pulis. Tapos nagalit yung mga pulis mismo. Kasi paano daw kung maniwala yung mga tao. Pero sa loob-loob ko, kung fireman man yan, may magagalit? Wala ‘di ba? Masyado kayong defensive. That’s what I’m saying, because its true, people react. And that’s what makes people stop doing things like these. They won’t tell the truth. But now, we’re talking about the reality of it all in terms of what happens outside the courtroom eh. Dun sa pag-aayos. That’s why I find it so interesting, kasi tinatago natin eh. Ang dami kong gustong sabihin about the film eh in terms of mainstream and indie. I guess the mainstream artists are communicating with the direct masses but for me, walang point yun kung hindi mo kausap yung buong mundo eh. Why tell a story if you’re not going to share it with everyone?”

Sid said he also enjoyed working on Anatomiya ng Korupsiyon because of his co-star Maricar Reyes. They both play lawyers with different idealisms during the 1980s in the flick. “I’ve worked with Maricar before and it’s been the same since. Actually my first time to work with Maricar was in Your Song a couple of years back. But my very first time to work with her was before she became Maricar, she was just Mars from Ateneo. We did a photo shoot for the school magazine. So I’ve known her since then. Nakakatawa nga kasi yung first scene na shinoot namin for the movie was the first scene that we ever shot together in any project. So it was a good start. Ang sarap talaga,” he admitted.

In the film Sid says the love angle was not the main focus. “There’s sexual tension but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re attracted to each other,” he expla