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Zia Quizon says dad Dolphy will not do projects for the meantime

Dolphy's youngest daughter says that the Comedy King is spending a lot of time with his kids nowadays.



12/7/2011 9:35 AM
Zia Quizon says dad Dolphy will not do projects for the meantime

120711-zia_main.jpgZia Quizon assured the public that her dad Dolphy, who was recently hospitalized, is out of danger and is now resting at home.  “He’s doing well, he just got home lang naman. ‘Yun nga lang he’s taking it easy kasi during the holidays talaga, gusto niyang ma-enjoy na kasama niya ang pamilya niya, so we’re all spending a lot of time with him din, and mas naeengganyo siya, mas bumubuti ang health niya,” explained Zia, who added that their clan is relieved that the King of Comedy is now on his way to recovery.

Recently, there have been reports saying that Dolphy was admitted in the intensive care unit and was allegedly in a serious condition. Zia pleaded to people to be more understanding of Dolphy’s condition, “Ganun talaga ang buhay. He is 83 (years old) naman, so naiintindihan naman sana ng tao na malakas na siya for 83. ‘Yun nga lang he’s not as strong as he used to be. ‘Yun nga ‘pag nakikita mo siya sa Cinema One or sa mga movies, talagang iba na siya kasi mga 20 years (old) lang siya (sa mga ipinapalabas)."

The aspiring singer also related that her dad will not be doing projects for the meantime. “ Right now he is just taking it easy muna. We’re just seeing how things are going and kung gusto niya (bumalik sa trabaho, pwede) and right now he’s just spending a lot of time with mga anak niya, kapamilya niya (for) Christmas time din.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to her career, Zia said that she has finally realized what she wants to do in her life, which is to make music. She has released her debut album and she regularly performs in ASAP. She continued that she still has a long way to go as far as performer. “Meron pa naman (kaba) kasi nga hindi na nga ata mawawala ‘yung nerbiyos. Kasi I think it’s also healthy kasi it also pushes me to give a good performance kahit napa-praning ako. Nare-ready ko ‘yung utak ko sa gagawin ko pero nasasanay na rin ako sa showbiz.”

She said that it is very touching to know that a lot of people are supportive of her budding career. Initially, she was concerned about people’s reception to her music which is a little bit of pop and jazz.  “I’m really glad that people are so accepting of it and really thankful na kahit iba siya, people like it din.”  Zia said that she will stick to singing though because the acting side of showbiz is not for her. “Wala akong talent sa acting. Okay lang kasi at least sa singing mahilig talaga ako and at least (kung) one lang sa parents ko ‘yung award-winning. E, ‘pag acting eh pareho silang award-winning masyado ‘yung pressure from both sides.”

Zia, who admitted to being shy in real life, said that she is gradually coming out of her shell. She added that her parents are really proud of what she is doing now. “They’re not working as much nowadays so talagang they’re happy na parang I know what will I do for the rest of my life. Parang may peace of mind na sila okay ito ‘yung magiging kapalaran ko in life.”