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John Lloyd Cruz says he has yet to find the girl he'll marry someday

Although he's not ready to settle down anytime soon, John Lloyd Cruz says he wants to be a good family man in the future.



12/31/2011 12:24 AM
John Lloyd Cruz says he has yet to find the girl he'll marry someday

123111-jlc-main.jpgGiven that John Lloyd Cruz has always had troubles with his romantic relationships, many are wondering if marriage is in his immediate future or not. As it is, many of his contemporaries have already settled down. But the talented actor maintained that he’s actually saving up for that next chapter of his life. “Akala ko hindi na maitatanong yun. Pero marriage, I’m not saying na malayo pa because I’m 28 years old now. Siguro mahirap sabihin. Naniniwala kasi ako na kapag nakasalubong mo, then you fall in love with each other, okay na,” said John Lloyd during his contract renewal for Jack ‘N Jill Magic Flakes last December 15.

From the looks of it, John Lloyd hasn’t met the woman he’d like to spend a lifetime with. But since he has no plans of tying the knot anytime soon, it’s really hard to say who he will end up with until that day comes. “Kasi pwede naman na na-meet mo na yung girl pero hindi mo alam at that time na siya na pala yun. I guess it’s a personal thing na kapag nangyari na sa’yo na you want to get married na. I think more than yourself, being in a relationship or being with that particular person, I think it’s a very personal thing. Ikaw muna ang makaka-experience, ikaw muna ang makaka-discover, and then you search or you ask.”

Asked about his ideal age for marriage, John Lloyd sincerely replied, “Ideally, five more years. And sana within that five years... I guess the next relationship would be a set up na for the next five years. Pero as of this very moment wala pa sa isip ko yung marriage. Pero yung mga ini-invest ko ngayon, pwede mo ng tawagin na set up ko [for the future]. If at 33 or 34 years old I’ll get married? Hindi pa. Parang sine-set ko pa lang yung foundation ko as a person, as a man, as a would-be provider in the future because I’m not getting any younger.”

But despite the complexities of his love life, John Lloyd confidently said that he still believes in true love and that he will get better at handling a relationship next time.  “Mahirap naman not to believe in true love ‘di ba? If you don’t believe in true love, parang ano pa ang pwede mong paniwalaan? Tama ba? Kaya nga [tayo pumapasok sa isang relasyon]. So yeah, I suppose I still believe in true love.”