Reg and Cassie leave the Big Brother house tonight

The Red Power Stranger gets forced evicted while the DJ na Uragon is voted out by the public.



12/3/2011 11:52 PM
Reg and Cassie leave the Big Brother house tonight

120411-pbb_main.jpgThe housemates rode another emotional roller coaster tonight as Big Brother announced the Kontra-battle winners plus Reg Pineda's forced eviction and Cassie also getting the boot out of the house.  

The week-long preparation for the jump rope exhibition in the Kontra-battle showed both houses struggling with various issues. But after last Friday's final presentation, Kuya's judges deemed Team High Voltage the winner despite their squabble about leadership. Their execution of the double dutch was a definite clincher that led to the Night House's victory. Team Wayuk suffered a huge blow when Luz failed to execute her stunt properly. They were lauded though for their stunts and for Naphrey's efforts even though he was physically challenged.  Team High Voltage gets the first P150,000 in their vault.

During the live program, Reg was finally informed of his major violation of house rules which has resulted to his being forced evicted from Kuya's house. After repeatedly not wearing his lapel while talking and his telling of what was happening in the outside world, Reg could only accept Kuya's decision with a heavy heart. Involved housemates Mark Luz and Luz McClinton in Reg's major violation were to also get penalties which they will learn as the week goes by.

Cassie, on the other hand, is the second official housemate evicted from the Night House after getting the lowest total of save and evict votes (10.75%) compared to Tol 11.07 and Wendy 22.58 who were her fellow nominees . Her housemates deemed Cassie too gloomy, affecting the others with her somber personality.  

What could be Kuya's next Kontra-battle? Will Team Wayuk take the prize this time? Who will be the third set of nominees? Don't forget to watch Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited tomorrow right after Rated K to learn the latest happenings inside the Big Brother's house.