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Mo Twister faces controversy after personal video goes viral

The radio personality and TV host decides to postpone leaving the country to fix the issue.


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12/3/2011 1:00 PM
Mo Twister faces controversy after personal video goes viral

101508-MO02.jpgWhen news broke out that an anonymous user on YouTube uploaded a personal video of Mo Twister last November 28 (view video HERE), there was a media frenzy as to the controversial tone of the video, which was reportedly taken July 28 of last year at a hotel abroad. The video entitled ‘RepairedMovie.mov,’ and has a running time of 13 minutes and 24 seconds, shows a visibly emotional Mo Twister recording his sentiments regarding his relationship with an unnamed woman.

The controversial video, from just having a total of 353 page views on the night of December 2, now has over 127, 000 views since news broke out on various websites, including Facebook and tabloids like Peoples Taliba and Pilipino Star Ngayon. Although Mo Twister was scheduled to leave for New York City on December 3, he had reportedly postponed his trip indefinitely in order to help face and settle the issues first.

 The outspoken TV personality denied having any part in making the video public and issued the following statements. “I feel terrible about it. I was supposed to leave for New York tomorrow but I'll stay until Monday, or later, in order to help clear or answer some of the questions, as well as  investigate how someone may have retrieved my erased files.” Mo added that he hopes no other personal files of his will surface. “…I appeal to whoever is in possession of my personal files to refrain from uploading anything further.”

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