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Phil and James Younghusband share what they learned from football star David Beckham

Phil and James Younghusband reminisce about their unforgettable encounter with David Beckham and LA Galaxy.



12/26/2011 11:33 AM
Phil and James Younghusband share what they learned from football star David Beckham

122611-philjames_main.jpgDuring a recent meet and greet with their fans and store visit at Kenny Rogers, Trinoma, Phil and James Younghusband sat down for an interview with Push.com.ph and reminisced about the Philippine Azkals' football match with the LA Galaxy. Although they lost the game, James said that what matters is that they learned through that experience. "We did what we could do. We were competing with the US. It's very hard to beat LA Galaxy, a team that has been playing together for a whole year. But we did well during the firs half. Good thing we scored. On the second half we didn't do so good but we're learning," said James about the 1-6 final score.

Phil further shared that one of the key points that they got from the game was the value of teamwork. "I love how they work with each other, they work with the team. There was no individual players trying to outshine the other. They always do something for each other. That's what we learned from the LA Galaxy. We were disappointed because we lost the game but it was a good experience for the team."

Being up against football icon David Beckham was definitely one of the highlights of that game for two Azkals players. And they appreciate the fact that David treated their friendly match like a true professional. "What we liked about David Beckham is that he took the game really seriously.  He really liked to win. He was professional and he was respectful to us. That's what we appreciate. We could tell by the effort he put into the game. We like that a lot."

Phil admitted that he was really starstruck with David and never imagined that he would be able to play with his idol this year. "I was very starstruck. To have the opportunity to speak and have a conversation with my idol, he gave me one of his jerseys, I will always cherish that experience.  The way he played on the field, we learned a lot from David."

Asked about scoring the Azkals' lone goal, Phil humbly stated that it's something that inspires him to work harder on their next games. "I would rather we win the game than score a goal. But on a personal level, it's good to know that I've scored against a good team, to get into their defenses. I couldn't have done it without the other players. But I would rather have  a good result than score a goal. But on a personal level, as an individual, it's a great highlight in my career. It's something that would give me confidence for the future.

True enough, another challenging year is in store for the Azkals with their series of high-profile games early next year. "I think we'd start training in January. Our next competition is in March. We're playing against Korea. They won the World Cup recently, and then Japan, and India. They're actually the three champs of the competition. It's a tough group but we' d hopefully surprise them."

But in the meantime, Phil and James are set on making the most out of their Christmas break. "For the coming year we'd like to start afresh again and it's important that we'd get together as a team. But it's the holiday season and we're enjoying the Christmas spirit. Right now, all that's on our mind is Christmas. We're just thinking about spending it with our family and loved ones," James added.