Megan Young admits she is challenged by kontrabida roles

Megan Young says she doesn't mind breaking out of good girl roles.


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12/23/2011 10:34 AM
Megan Young admits she is challenged by kontrabida roles

122311-megan_main.jpgAs an active host, Megan Young admitted that she has gotten the hang of interviewing her fellow celebrities already. “Well it has always been a part of my career naman na gusto ko. Kasi ever since naman hosting talaga ang gusto ko ituloy. Pero ngayon mas nabigyan ako ng chance nung nag-Channel V na ako, pero kasi parang it was too classy for other people and I wanted to venture out to a more different crowd. So buti kinuha nila ako for ASAP All Access [and ASAP Chillout], so I’m starting to do that even though it’s not a regular thing. But I’m really having fun doing it because its really different from Channel V but it’s still hosting, I love it and I still get to be myself. I still get to talk all I want, be a blabbermouth, (laughs)” she said.

Although her current project Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Hiyas has yet to be aired, the 21-year-old actress said she is not worried about it because she knows that the ABS-CBN management knows the right time for it to be broadcast. “My role in Hiyas very different. It’s so different kasi drama eh and siyempre kailangan in character ka, tapos yung character ko sobrang opposite ko. She’s nice and pa-sweet siya eh,” she said.

Megan said that she did get challenged shooting the series. “It wasn’t really the role, but more of the location. We shot in Daranak Falls all the way in Rizal. It was always raining so that’s why we had a hard time taping,” she told

After playing the role of Gerald Anderson’s rich girlfriend in Star Cinema’s Won’t Last A Day Without You, Megan said she enjoys roles where the character has many layers. “It’s interesting to be the bitch. I love playing the bitch. It’s fun. It’s just something that’s not your typical bida role and it’s more fun playing character roles. Okay sa akin kahit hindi kontrabida, basta okay yung character. Nabo-bore ako pag masyadong pa-sweet,” she admitted.

In the future, Megan hopefully wants to try working behind the camera as well. “Hopefully maybe like get into directing or doing creative stuff like that,” she said. Next semester Megan wants to focus more on her studies. “It’s because I really want to finish. School and work are like hati sa number one priority ko. I’m an irregular student taking up Filmmaking in College of St. Benilde. I haven’t really reached my majors yet. Kasi dati Masscomm ako tapos nag-shift ako. Mas may concentration ito kasi may specific area and it’s the kind of area I really want to get into because I’m already in the business. It’s just that it’s more of behind-the-scenes and I’ve always wanted to be behind-the-scenes,” she added.

When Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Hiyas airs sometime next year, Megan hopes her fans will enjoy her newest project. “They’ll see me soon in Hiyas. My role there is Sapphire and I’m from the city. I own a company and my back story is about where I grew up. She’s a very giving person and she loves helping people. I’m excited because it’s a different kind of story because we have more culture in it. Even if it’s a made-up tribe, at least we still get to show people na parang we have indigenous tribes in the country and they’re actually living like this. We get to see their side,” she shared.

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