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Billy Crawford on international career: 'Hindi ako pwedeng maging kampante'

Billy Crawford will be busy flying back and forth to work on his international album and to attend to his local showbiz commitments.



12/20/2011 10:05 AM
Billy Crawford on international career: 'Hindi ako pwedeng maging kampante'

122011-billy_main.jpgBilly Crawford is all set to go abroad early next year to launch his next album. He related that he will work on promoting the album for four months and will fly back and forth so he can also fulfill his commitments in the country. “Hindi ko naman pwedeng iwan ‘yung meron [na projects na bigay] dito ng ABS-CBN para sa akin,” he said.

Although Billy has already established himself as an international star, he said that he cannot rest on his laurels. “Hindi rin ako pwedeng maging kampante, parang hoping na maging successful naman [ako]. I think I have to work on certain stuff.”

In a separate interview, Billy’s girlfriend, Nikki Gil, revealed that she has fears about Billy’s departure because they will be apart for some time. Billy said that he understands his girlfriend but he said that he has nothing to fear. “I don’t think I have anything to worry about on my part. Wala rin siyang kailangang alalahanin tungkol sa akin,” Billy said.

The singer-actor continued that at his age, he has gotten over issues about security in relationships.  “I think matanda na ako d’yan, para sa high school games na long distance relationship. Kung gugustuhin naman ng tao magiging mahirap, kung gugustuhin ng isang tao na maging mas mabuti then they’re going to work to make it work.”

Billy is also confident that Nikki will handle it well because it is not the first time that they will be apart from each other. “It’s not the first time, we’ve had two months apart sa show nung nasa tour ako ni Sarah (Geronimo) so two months ‘yon so it’s not the first time,” he explained.

He also confirmed that he is now doing a movie, which will be directed by Wenn Deramas. Billy said that the movie will be shown while he is away.  “Basta abangan n’yo. Konting regalo konting iwan.”

He confirmed what Nikki had said that his parents will be in the country this Christmas and they intend to spend time with Nikki and her family. Billy described 2011 as a blessing to him. “It was quite hard, very difficult para sa adjustments, para sa lahat, pero it’s been a blessing kasi dami ring nangyari sa 2011. I think sa lahat naman andaming pagsubok at andami ring success na nangyari,” he said.

He is also keeping optimistic about 2012. “Sinasabi ng tao na it’s the end of the world sa 2012. I think it’s the opposite. It’s a new beginning for everyone, new chance sa lahat.”