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Mario Maurer isn't bothered by Erich Gonzales revealing that he has a girlfriend

Mario Maurer is okay with soon-to-be leading lady Erich Gonzales revealing he already has a girlfriend.



12/17/2011 9:54 PM
Mario Maurer isn't bothered by Erich Gonzales revealing that he has a girlfriend

121811-mario_main.jpgWhen Mario Maurer came back to the Philippines for an encore fashion show for Penshoppe, he was able to see his billboard for the clothing brand along EDSA for the first time. “I like the picture very much, even the shoot I like it, it’s nice!” He also said that his billboards in Thailand aren’t as big as the ones set up along EDSA “It’s the biggest I had,” he said with a giddy smile.

The Thai star talked about being in the Philippines again. “I feel very happy and very excited to be back in Philippines, it’s the same warm welcome, even more. My Filipino fans, they are very nice people, when I see them they are very open to me so I open up to them, too. I’m very happy to be here in the Philippines to meet my fans and I hope I come here often.”

Mario, who turned 23 last December 4, related how he celebrated his birthday in his Entertainment Live interview, “I caught a very big surprise and it’s the best surprise I ever had. [I was] shooting a drama on my birthday, and after that my manager just lied to me [and said] that I’m going to have an interview with a [member of the] Chinese press. So I went there and all my friends are there and my family, I [was] shocked [because] everybody shot a paper on [sic] me, flying to my eye. I got blind[ed] for seconds, that made me happy. My brother is there and my family is there, all my friends like friends from school [are also present]”. Mario was pertaining to confetti poppers his friends and family prepared for him during his surprise birthday celebration.

When asked what his birthday wish was, “I never thought of what I like on my birthday. I just want[ed] to be with my family and friends but I never thought it would be this happy. All the friends I have never seen after I went to college I got the chance to see them again, [there were] too many stories to talk about.”

Mario also answered questions about his love life, particularly his soon-to-be leading lady Erich Gonzales’s revelation that he has a girlfriend, “It’s okay because they know, everybody knows.” Asked what his reaction was to the fact Erich had revealed that he had a girlfriend, “I absolutely feel nothing. It’s okay because it is the truth.”

Gubgib (Sumontip Leuangthai) is Mario’s long-time girlfriend who is a famous actress in Thailand. They have been together for almost eight years now and when asked on how they deal with the craziness and extreme world of show business, “After we do work, after we do a movie, we do our job but after the job, we are regular people just like any other people. It’s like we are friends but we became girlfriend-boyfriend first then became friends. It’s like we are close to each other and we like the same things.”

Asked if fans react negatively to his relationship, he replied “No, not at all because I think maybe, a long time ago, the fans don’t like it when you have a girlfriend but I think now they understand even if you are a movie star, you play roles in a movie and you are an actor [but] you have a normal life. That does not mean that you have to be a movie star 24 hours and cannot get out of it.”

Since the Christmas season is almost around the corner, he was also asked of how he will be spending his Christmas, “I’m a Catholic so I celebrate Christmas. I’m going to go abroad with my brother, we’re looking [to] maybe [going] to America or somewhere.”

As for his wish about his fans for Christmas, Mario said, “I just want my fans to support me for who I am and give me all the nice words they [can] give, [to] Tweet me. It’s like giving me power to work and do good work for them.”

—from a report by Krissa Donida