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Matteo Guidicelli says he and Maja Salvador don't hide anything from each other

Matteo Guidicelli says that he and Maja Salvador are still together and doing okay.


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12/17/2011 12:42 AM
Matteo Guidicelli says he and Maja Salvador don't hide anything from each other

121711-matteo-main.jpgAfter a tumultuous year which included persistent breakup rumors, a fistfight, and issues with supposed third parties, Matteo Guidicelli and Maja Salvador have proven that they have a strong relationship no matter what anyone says. “Naku ang chismis ang dami dami. Ngayon I guess it’s impossible to make iwas the issues kasi we’re in showbiz. There are always going to be people that are going to talk. But we have faith and we trust in God and we communicate everyday. Everything is unified so yun,” he admitted to Push.com.ph.

The 22-year-old actor denied reports that he has been looking depressed lately because he and Maja have secretly broken up already. “Hindi, lumabas na naman na hindi totoo yun. Hindi naman sa ganun, busy lang kasi. Tapos I was hospitalized for four days kasi I got food poisoning. Kaya parang my resistance went down but I’m okay, I’m getting better so yun,” he added.

The Happy Yipee Yehey host admitted that he is very thankful to all the supporters of Maja and their tandem. The Cebuano heartthrob said their fans have remained steadfast despite all the issues they went through this year. “I guess they were just shocked noon. We’re good, me and Maja. You know every relationship has its little problems so normal naman yun ‘di ba? We communicate a lot. We’re very honest with each other. We communicate straight. We don’t hide anything. We tell each other the truth all the time. Okay naman kami ni Maja, we’re good,” he explained.

This Christmas, the Fil-Italian actor is still thinking of the perfect gift for his girlfriend. “It’s a surprise na lang. Basta surprise (laughs). Sana I can surprise her with something good,” he shared.

Matteo also revealed his plans for the holidays. “I’m going to be with my family. I’m going to Cebu for Christmas tapos for New Year’s dito naman sa Manila with my family,” he added.

Although he hopes that 2012 will be less controversial for him, Matteo said he wants to focus all his energy on work this coming year. “I want to concentrate more on work and give my 100%. I mean I gave naman 100% last year but I’m going to give a 110% next year. I will improve myself as an actor, as a host and saka a singer also. We’ll see, we’ll see next year,” he tells Push.com.ph.

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