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Iya Villania admits she and Drew Arellano are already gearing up for marriage

Iya Villania shares what makes their relationship work with her longtime boyfriend Drew Arellano.


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11/8/2011 9:42 AM
Iya Villania admits she and Drew Arellano are already gearing up for marriage

110811-iya_main.jpgAfter almost seven years of being a couple, Umagang Kay Ganda host Iya Villania shared that she and boyfriend Drew Arellano have already talked about marriage even though they both agree it is not happening in the next few years. “We’re getting there, of course. Yun na yung direction namin. But there’s really no deadline,” she admitted.

The 25-year-old actress-host, who started dating Drew exclusively in 2004 when they met at another network, said that working for competing morning shows has never been an issue for them and since they both have the same free day off, that’s when they spend quality time together. “We like exercising together. We love doing the groceries. We love looking for new places to eat, catching up with friends, going for a drive, watching a movie, and having dinner with family,” she explained.

Despite the six-year age gap, Iya said that she and Drew still complement each other. “He’s very understanding. It’s about just having faith in the relationship, being loyal, and just knowing each other. Drew knows my heart so even though I have my shortcomings, he can forgive because he knows that my intentions aren’t ever to hurt but it’s really just because I’m growing up. Drew never restricted me. He lets me grow and become my own person. He lets me discover,” she shared.

While she has a busy schedule that has her taping for her other shows like ASAP Rocks, MYX, and Us Girls, Iya admitted that she is excited about the second season of I Dare You. “Well we just finished with out first season. Abangan na lang nila yung second season. We haven’t discussed it yet but I’m guessing you can expect more. It was difficult especially because we tape until like 6 am and I still have to go to Umagang Kay Ganda. But sometimes If it’s a weekend, I stay and I struggle when it’s past 11 pm because my body is used to sleeping earlier,” she admitted.

Iya also looks forward to working with fellow I Dare You host Jericho Rosales again soon. “I love Echo. Wala akong masabi kay Echo. I’d like to think that we became close. he’s such a good person. He’s got such a good heart,” she added.

Iya also shared how starting work so early in the day has changed her life. “I more productive because I wake up so early. I’m in bed by 9 pm the latest. But I try to be in bed by 8 pm. With my personal life I don’t have a problem because Drew is also a part of a morning show so we have the same body clock. It’s just hard when I can’t have late dinners with friends and if ever I do, we schedule them on a Friday so I don’t have to sleep so early on a Friday kasi I don’t have to wake up so early Saturday. Pero aside from that I’m really not the type to go out and party and dance and go clubbing until early morning. I enjoy just catching up with friends,” she said.

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