Nina reveals why she is no longer part of ASAP Sessionistas

The Diamond Soul Siren says she is not harboring any ill feelings towards the other members of the ASAP Sessionistas.



11/28/2011 8:54 AM
Nina reveals why she is no longer part of ASAP Sessionistas

Nina is now back in the music scene with her latest album titled Stay Alive, which is special to her because she had been very much involved  through its entire production. Just like the album, Nina showcases a different side of her that is edgier, sexier and upbeat. The Diamond Soul Siren's new album includes pop and dance tracks as a treat to her fans. “Kasi nga that’s the (other) side of me. Parang people don’t know (that part).  "Kumbaga kilala  nila laging mellow songs, laging nakaupo medyo konti lang ang nakakaalam na nakakasayaw ako kaya ngayon parang gusto naming i-share sa kanila na I also love to dance,” explained the singer.  “Nag-prepare talaga ako pati katawan ko para sa pictorial,” she shared.

Nina continued that she is really proud because she really worked hard to achieve her improved physique. “Pinaghihirapan ko siya talaga nang todo. Siguro role model kasi hindi naman talaga ako ganun ka-skinny so para maging example din na hindi mo kailangang maging butot-balat. Kumbaga love yourself, kung anuman ‘yung flaws mo (you should embrace them).” When asked the singer how she feels about showing off more skin, she answered, “Masarap lang, parang in a way napi-feel mo na nagma-mature ka, confident ka na. (How) you look (like) inside and out at nai-share mo sa kanila na confident ka.” 

Although Nina started out as a solo artist, she had been identified with the ASAP Sessionistas, which includes Aiza Seguerra, Sitti Navarro, Juris, and Richard Poon. However, it has been almost a year since she was last seen in the variety show with the group. Asked if she is harboring ill feelings toward her contemporaries, Nina replied, “Wala naman pong tampo. Sa akin parang pinag-uusapan lang kasi hindi naman po actually about the money. (It’s) about sa kung paano ka pahahalagahan as an artist, kung ano’ng halaga mo as an artist sa kanila. Kumbaga ‘yun talaga ang pinag-uusapan, kumbaga kung sino ang mas nagpapahalga sayo, bonus na lang yung pera pero (tungkol ito sa) kung sino talaga ang nagpapahalaga sa ‘yo. Wala naman po akong sinasabi (na masama) parang pinag-uusapan lang po.

Nina’s Stay Alive album is released by Universal Records and is now available in record bars nationwide.

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