Christian Bautista gets another movie offer in Indonesia

Christian Bautista talks about his international projects and plans for his career in the Philippines.


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11/25/2011 10:10 AM
Christian Bautista gets another movie offer in Indonesia

112511-christian_main.jpgAfter his first Indonesian film project premiered last August, Christian Bautista revealed he has already been offered to do another movie in Indonesia. But The Kitchen Musical star said that he has not agreed to do any definite projects yet and that they might need to prepare for the second season of the musical TV series. “I've been offered another movie in Indonesia so we’ll see if we get that. It depends. And there’s a soap here, too, so I’ll see if I get that din. Dito sa ABS-CBN yung soap pero I can’t say the details yet kasi schedule ang problema,” he said.

Christian admitted that The Kitchen Musical was definitely a big break in his career. “My effort is paying off. Sometimes we look for projects here. It’s not given to us. Yun pala we’re meant for bigger things. So Karylle and I are very happy in where we are right now. I didn’t expect to be here pero I’m just very thankful for the blessings that have come my way. I didn’t look for it. It came to us and I thank God for it. ” he admitted.

The 30-year-old singer-actor said he will always try to break into the international market whether it be through singing or acting. “I am trying. Baka this year ma-release na siya Asia-wide pero now dito sa Philippines muna. The album’s called Outbound by Universal Records. The first song is called ‘All That’s Left.’ It came from a previous writing experience of mine from this line, ‘You bring out the best in whatever is left of me.’ So it did not come from a girl that broke my heart pero it’s just something nice na naisip ko lang. I co-wrote this song. It’s produced by a Singaporean named Tat Thong. Tapos ang ganda, ang ganda ng beat, ang ganda ng melody,” he shared.

Christian also talked about his experience working in Singapore for The Kitchen Musical. “You know what, I want to bring the orderliness of Singapore to the Philippines. Kaya yan. Tough job pero kaya. We have to start somewhere. It’s going to be tough. I really liked their discipline, their excellence and their drive for excellence and yung sustainability. Kasi sometimes we come up with good projects tapos sa bandang gitna or sa dulo hindi mo mapaganda pa rin. Sa Singapore tuloy tuloy. Whether kalye nila yan or trabaho, papagandahin nila to the best that they can do sa simula, pero hindi nila papabayaan yan, babantayan nila yan,” he explained.

Christian also said he misses their cuisine. “Sarap pagkain dun. Yung Hainanese chicken rice, pork rice, duck rice, and laksa. I miss the orderliness, the trains, the buses, the taxis, card lang lahat. Ganun lang lahat. Nanibago ulit ako pagbalik dahil parang wow eto nga pala ang Philippines. After four months of order, here we are (laughs). Safe doon sa Singapore. Wala masyadong crime,” he added.

Christian said he has grown more well-rounded and confident as a performer because of his experience working abroad. “I believe mas nag-grow ako as an actor sa The Kitchen Musical. I think I can still do better pero I definitely did good. Ganun lang naman yun eh, I keep on doing stuff. I want to do more stuff, whether sa The Kitchen Musical or another teleserye or whether movie, gusto ko gawin lahat yun until I reach that point where I can feel so comfortable. It’s really been great. You know my album now Outbound has a lot of dance songs because of The Kitchen Musical. It gave me confidence and it gave me the ability to be confident in dancing and now yung mga shows ko ngayon hindi lang ballads,” he said.

Christian says he is now trying to incorporate more danc