Anne Curtis says she will stay with ABS-CBN

With all her current success, Anne Curtis says that she just wants to be grateful and thankful for a fruitful year.



11/26/2011 12:38 AM
Anne Curtis says she will stay with ABS-CBN

112611-anne-main.jpg“This is the most amazing year of my life. 2011 is a roller coaster, a scary and yet the most thrilling year of my life,” beamed Anne Curtis at the press conference for Primadonna last November 24.  The actress continued, “So many things kept on happening one after the other. I guess it pays when you don’t expect anything, when you don’t expect [because] all the more you appreciate the blessings that come into your life. Parang wala na akong mahihiling pa, parang napaka-selfish ko if I keep on asking for anything else. I’m so content with what I have. No expectations, but it’s nice to hope.”

With her successful career this year, Anne was asked if she is afraid if these would be taken away from her. She answered, “That’s why I’m just taking it all in because you know at any moment lilipas din naman ‘yan eh so just enjoy life and appreciate everything that I have now and not expect anything else because I’ll just get disappointed if I keep on expecting. So just be thankful for what you have received already and I’m super thankful and grateful.”

She continued that she expects that 2012 will be fruitful just as well because aside from movies, she is slated to do a teleserye, too. “Abangan. I’ll tell you all in January or late December.”

Still about the success of her last film, No Other Woman, Anne is glad that the audiences today are very much open to more mature topics, just like what was tackled in the movie. “The Filipino audience are more open to a movie as daring as No Other Woman, it goes to show that the audience do look for films that aren’t for just romantic comedies, or wholesome movies. There is still that market that looks for the sexy drama, which is good because these are the films that I like also.”