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Matteo Guidicelli: 'Anybody can work with Maja Salvador as long as people will have respect'

Matteo Guidicelli is okay with whoever will play girlfriend Maja Salvador's leading man.



11/24/2011 10:25 AM
Matteo Guidicelli: 'Anybody can work with Maja Salvador as long as people will have respect'

112411-matteo_main.jpgSince Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli have admitted that they are in a relationship, the two openly teased each other onstage at the Stars For A Cause concert held on November 20. When Matteo was told by the press that it was fun to see them trade jokes with each another, the actor replied good-naturedly, “Fun fun lang. o ‘di ba? It’s for the people, it’s for everybody to have fun. Just be truthful, ang saya-saya lang.”

On a more serious note, Matteo explained that he now feels better that he and Maja do not need to hide their relationship. “It makes me feel better, I have nothing to hide. I always hated hiding something. I’m a person na ‘pag kilala mo ako, kilala mo ang lahat sa akin. If you’re my friend, you know everything about me. I don’t like hiding anything from you. But now I’m happy I can be open. I don’t like keeping secrets and stuff like that. I’m happy na I don’t have to keep anything [from anyone].”

Matteo also reacted to Coco’s recent statement that he does not want to work again with Maja out of respect of her relationship with Matteo. Coco and Matteo allegedly got into a fistfight at the Star Magic Ball last September because Matteo supposedly got jealous of Coco, who played Maja’s leading man in their previous teleserye.

“I told the management [that] I don’t care really who’s Maja’s partner is. If it’s work, it’s work, so there’s really reasons behind what happened. May mga reasons for that. You know whatever happened, I forgot about it already. Whoever Maja’s partner would be in her new soap, I respect [that]. Whatever she does is just work.”

He continued, “Anybody can work with Maja as long as people will have respect. You know, that’s the most important thing.” He stressed that having mutual respect among people, will leave no space for arguments. “Ang pinakaimportant if you just respect a person, everything will be fine ‘di ba? Who[ever] is paired with Maja, that’s her work. That’s her work and that’s what she loves doing and I cannot control that. As long as everybody has respect for one another. Kahit sino ka man kahit mayaman, ‘di mayaman, sikat, ‘di sikat, ang importante you treat everybody equally.”

He continued that he and his girlfriend really don’t meddle when it comes to each other’s onscreen partners, although they make it a point to be open about it. “We talk about whoever is your partner, is your partner, wala akong say. She’s having a new soap so kung sino man ang partner niya, ‘yun na ‘yon wala akong say don.” The couple also agreed that they do not set limitations when it comes to their professional careers. The Happy Yipee Yehey co-host revealed that he and Maja do not talk anymore about Coco because they consider it an old issue.