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Anne Curtis on controversial magazine cover: 'We're sorry if we offended anyone'

Amidst some controversies, Anne Curtis continues to be grateful for the continuous success she is enjoying.



10/7/2011 8:41 AM
Anne Curtis on controversial magazine cover: 'We're sorry if we offended anyone'

100711-anne_main.jpgAnne Curtis attended the victory party of her blockbuster movie with Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay, No Other Woman, at the ELJ Tower at the ABS-CBN Compound last Wednesday night, October 5. Just on its fifth day, the Star Cinema movie had already earned more than P100 million.

In her interview, the actress said that the movie’s astounding success had not yet sunk in with her. “Nao-overwhelm (ako),” she began. “Kasi first week I wasn’t here, I was in Bangkok (Thailand) shooting commercials, so hindi pa talaga siya nagsi-sink in. So when I got back, five days P100 million agad. I was shocked. Sobrang grateful, sobrang maraming salamat talaga sa mga nanood.”

Anne also said that she is flattered that many viewers now often use the unforgettable lines in the movie. In the film, Anne portrays a woman who engages in a illicit affair with a married man (played by Derek) and later on competes with the wife (Cristine) for the man’s heart.

Apart from this, Anne is equally surprised and grateful also for her successful debut album, which is doing well in sales. “’Yung album talaga ang hindi pa nagsi-sink in,” she joked. “Alam mo ‘yung kahit sa Showtime may mga dumadating with my album na nagpapapirma. ‘Yung ‘Uyy binili mo?’ Every time I do a mall show I make sure that every one who buys an album, kahit sabihin na tama na puwede ka ng umalis, I stay and sign every single CD. I’m still so thankful.”

Nevertheless, in spite of her recent success, Anne is also currently in the line of fire due to her controversial magazine cover where she is shown in a sexy pose holding a lit cigarette. Many moralists criticized the magazine cover and decried that the actress is promoting smoking.

In defense, Anne explained, “I think more than anything of course we’re sorry if we offended anyone in any way but on our side naman and the magazine it wasn’t our intention to offend anyone or promote cigarette smoking, because me myself I’m not a cigarette smoker. It’s more really getting into the role and if you look at the magazine cover it’s like a movie poster, it’s really like getting into the Parisian kind of role.”

She continued that the pose was done by others in the past and they never intended to cause any harm.  “I also understand where they’re coming from so we’re sorry if we offended anyone talaga. It wasn’t our intention.”
She continued that if there are critics, there are also others who appreciate the idea and posted their support to Anne via Internet. “(They) find it so nice. Some were even saying we can think for ourselves and they know what’s right and wrong,” explained the actress. She also defended that the magazine is intended for adults and not for kids. “Women readers who have their own right minds know if they will smoke or not but of course if you can, don’t smoke because me I don’t promote smoking either.”