Style Stalker: Robin Padilla, ruggedly handsome

Get Robin Padilla's rough yet artsy fashion sensibilities.


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10/30/2011 7:55 PM
Style Stalker: Robin Padilla, ruggedly handsome


True to his onscreen persona, Robin Padilla tries to keep it real with an outfit that is rugged yet still well-put together which he wore during the press conference for his newest sitcom Toda Max. The “Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema” may have traded in his usually form-fitting jeans with slim-fit khaki pants, but he still makes sure that the outfit doesn’t look too polished with a canvass belt and worn-out style boots. To complete the look, Robin usually goes for unexpectedly eclectic accessories like a  silver cross necklace, a bronze bangle as well as a brown beret. And with an active lifestyle like his, Robin always looks good in fitted shirts which shows off his toned physique.

With a style like this, think action star-meets-artist-meets-metro sexual. And although he has 20/20 vision, the action star/comedian admits the glasses are part of his new look for his character Tol Batumbakal in the sitcom. More than just for a macho effect, Robin pulls off this look very well because it complements both sides of his personality,  as a director and an action star.