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YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos wants to pursue a showbiz career in the Philippines

Fil-Canadian artist Mikey Bustos talks about his famous 'Pinoy tutorials' on YouTube and his activities during his stay in Manila.



10/28/2011 9:30 AM
YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos wants to pursue a showbiz career in the Philippines

102811-mikey-main.jpgYouTube Sensation and 2003 Canadian Idol finalist Mikey Bustos was officially launched as the endorser of Universal Robina Corporation’s newest snack brand, Jack ‘n Jill Chicharron ni Mang Juan at Bar One yesterday, October 27. “I really feel like God set all this up for me because they already came up with a campaign when they contacted me. I get hundreds of messages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It just so happened that I checked my YouTube inbox, and out of nowhere, one subject stood out to me and I picked that email. It was an offer to be the endorser of a Pinoy snack. It really resonated to me because one, it's very Pinoy and I felt that it would be a good match.”

Just this year, he made waves online due to his series of “Pinoy tutorials,” each providing humorous insights into uniquely Pinoy traditions and experiences, from local accents and courting styles to table manners and balut-eating.

Asked how he ended up doing such innovative videos, Mikey explained that didn’t expect it to be a huge hit in the beginning. “Filipino Tutorials Series was just uploaded because I wanted to show a little bit of my Pinoy heritage intended for a smaller audience at that time. My first video got 20,000 views and it picked up from there. I wasn’t expecting that huge reaction online.

Born and raised in Canada, the 31-year old told Push.com.ph that he’s a true-blooded Filipino by heart as his parents brought him up the traditional way. “My parents migrated to Canada in the ‘70s, during Martial Law. So they brought with them their parents' upbringing of the very traditional Pinoy values and they passed it on to me, my brother, and my cousins as well. So we really have the true hardcore old-fashioned Pinoy upbringing. I grew up eating Pinoy food, my parents are very strict growing up, there's a lot of stress on education… I knew every single minute prayer in the Catholic Church to memory. So I really grew up Pinoy.”

Now that he’s in the Philippines, the innovative entertainer expressed his willingness to start a showbiz career if given the opportunity. He’s also known for his parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” titled, “Pinoy This Way” on YouTube. Mikey added that he’s slated to release a record album here in the country early next year. “That’s actually in the works. I can’t say much about it yet though. It would be nice to have my own OPM song.”

But aside from singing, he’s actually open to do comedy or any acting stints. “My main dream has always been to affect people worldwide through my art—whether in singing, acting, comedy or even spreading Pinoyhood like in this endorsement. So I’ll relocate to wherever there's an opportunity for me to do that.”

Asked about his celebrity crush, Mikey revealed that he admires Anne Curtis a lot. “I’d always admire Anne. She's beautiful and I am a fan of her work. Who knows, while I’m here, maybe I can say hello,” he beamed.