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Mario Maurer reveals that his courting style is sweet yet straightforward

Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer talks about a few details about his love life as well as his unforgettable experience in the Philippines.



10/29/2011 12:52 AM
Mario Maurer reveals that his courting style is sweet yet straightforward

102911-mario-main.jpgOn his third day in the Philippines, Mario Maurer finally had the chance to meet thousands of his Pinoy supporters at the Penshoppe fan conference held at the PICC plenary hall, Friday, October 28. Although he couldn’t accommodate everyone for some photo-ops, he made sure to pick some of his fans seated in the back row to get up close and personal with him on stage. The Thai heartthrob said he truly enjoyed the whole experience because he never expected that he has such a huge fan base here in the country.

A few hours after the event, Mario sat down with a select group of press people and eagerly explained how different his Thai fans are from the Filipinos. “My fans in Thailand, they see me everyday on the street, depending which area I am in. Like when I am outside Bangkok, they will really go crazy. But it’s different what I’ve experienced today because I only talk to my Filipino fans through Twitter. So when they met me, they were very excited. In the same way that I am excited to meet them because I met my Filipino fans only at the airport, like about 3 or 4 of them. But today, I met 3,000 or 4,000 of them.”

Considering that he’s a foreign artist, it was surprising how he easily related to girls and gays alike. He didn’t have qualms about saying “I love you” or being embraced by overzealous fans. The 22-year-old even gamely asked a fan to teach him the dougie dance and then proceeded to show his moves, much to the audience’s delight.

Mario maintained that it wasn’t just because he previously played a gay role in his movie, Love Of Siam. “The real reason why I can easily relate to them is because I know many gay persons. They’re all very nice people and it’s not wrong to be gay in my opinion. Gay people produce many good things in this world like movies, songs or in any thing that they do. And I know a lot of gay people including my friends and people whom I respect. For me, I meet them everyday. Even my hair, face and makeup artists, they’re all gays.”

But Mario assured the local press that he’s a certified straight guy even though he did a kissing scene with a male co-star in Love of Siam. Asked if he’s more like his character P’Shone in his hit romantic-comedy film, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Mario admitted that he wouldn’t wait for 9 years before admitting his romantic feelings for a girl he likes. “I will not wait for nine years, or even 8 years. I wouldn’t wait that long. I would tell her a lot sooner. P’Shone is a lot more romantic than me. But I think what he did was very nice.”

Although he didn’t mention anything about his purported longtime girlfriend Sumontip Leuangthai (or simply Gubgib), Mario revealed the most romantic thing he did for the Thai actress on her birthday. “It was my girlfriend’s birthday. I bought a big balloon. I put it on her car and write something about her. I brought her to a steak shop and I prepared a cake. I asked the waiter that the cake would come at this time and then I’d greet her happy birthday.”

But what are the five things he noticed first in a girl? “First it should be her face, second is her hair, then the eyes, and it would be legs and the hips. It’s what makes women really sexy.”