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Sid Lucero says he will always be there for half-sister Andi Eigenmann

Sid Lucero believes half-sister Andi Eigenmann will become an even better actress after giving birth.


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10/19/2011 9:45 AM
Sid Lucero says he will always be there for half-sister Andi Eigenmann

101911-sid_main.jpgAs one of the stars of the upcoming Cinema One Originals Film Festival entry Anatomiya ng Korupsiyon, Sid Lucero admitted he enjoyed working on yet another good quality indie film project this year. In the film, Sid plays the role of a smart Family Court lawyer named Rick who does not share the same straight arrow values about the law as Cely, played by Maricar Reyes. “Rick is one of the main lawyers in the movie out of four including Cely, the character of Maricar. He’s the right hand man in the company. Basically what I like about this character is that he knows the law, he’s a lawyer. He’s knows it and he embraces it to the fact that he won’t break it. But the thing is, as long as he can bend it, he’ll bend it as far as he can as long as it doesn’t break,” he shared during the Cinema One Originals Originals Film Festival presscon held last October 18 at the ABS-CBN compound.

The 30-year-old actor also shared how things are going with his half-sister Andi Eigenmann, who is due to give birth next month. “Andi’s a big girl already and she’s always been tough. In fact, lagi kaming nagtutuksuhan niyan na kayang-kaya niya sarili niya. Sus, ‘pag may mangyari dyan siya mismo sasapak (laughs). But these things are a little bit sensitive and of course, hindi naman ako yung type na tatawagan ko siya to say na, ‘Oy, how come you’re not telling me anything about this, blah, blah, blah.’ I prefer to let me be her kuya and until she calls and asks me to be one, I’m just here. And we’re all just here behind her,” he admitted.

Sid said that despite the fact that they did not grow up together, he and Andi have always been close and even have a shared love for sports. “Ako nagulat kasi naging swimmer din siya. She did a lot of sports. Everything that I did, she did like Ultimate Frisbee din. So sa sports that’s the main common ground that we have. And again, years later, dito naman sa industriya na ito,” he added.

Despite their busy schedules, Sid said he and his little sister have always been in touch. “May mga times na when we see each other, sometimes naman there’s little phone calls here and there. Kasi I think out of all of my siblings, in terms of physical affection, sa kanya ako pinaka-malambing eh. I don’t know why, hindi naman sa favorite ko siya. I think it’s because sa lahat ng kapatid ko, siya yung pinakamadalang ko makita. So ayun, I guess that’s why I get very cariñoso,” he admitted.

The Anatomiya ng Korupsiyon actor admitted he is not the type to be an overbearing or pushy kind of big brother. “Yung support ko sa kanya, hindi ko pinapakita. Alam lang niya. I don’t try. Magiging kuya lang ako ‘pag humingi siya ng kuya. If she doesn’t ask for it, all I am to her is a friend. I’ll always be a friend, her best friend in fact. Not all the time kasi maganda maging kuya eh. Minsan masasakal ka eh. I’m sure napagsasabihan na yan sa bahay or whatever tapos dito na naman, nagpapakakuya. Hindi ako ganun eh. It’s more like, ‘Hey we’re all here behind you. We have your back,’” he explained.

Although he is not sure of what Andi’s exact plans are after giving birth, Sid knows that Andi can become an even greater actress because of her experiences this year. “The first thing I said to her when she got into the industry was, ‘Sarap noh? You’re making your own money. You’re making your own cash. You’re supporting yourself.’ So now Andi if ever you decide to come back, I think my only advice for you is a reminder, that you’re no longer working for yourself. Your working for someone else and I think that should drive you to do better. I think she’ll be even better kasi kargado na siya eh, m