Apl De Ap: 'It is important for me to give back'

The international star says he wants to give Filipino kids hope and an opportunity to pursue their dreams.



10/16/2011 9:43 PM
Apl De Ap: 'It is important for me to give back'

101711-apl-main.jpgAlan Pineda aka Apl De Ap of the Black Eyed Peas is back in the Philippines to do a concert with the international group and to look into his own foundation in his hometown of Pampanga and work on the “We can be anything” campaign of the Ninoy and Cory Aquino foundation.

“Education, I want to give hope to the kids especially in the provinces. Some of them will never see a computer or learn about technology, so I want to open up that information for them. Pagunlad ng bansa, I want the kids to compete with other kids all over the world with technology and stuff,” the rapper says when asked why he invested in building computer labs, a music studio and a library in his hometown.

As for the Aquino Foundation, Apl shares that the “We can be anything” campaign aims to build classrooms for quality education around the country. “We can be anything campaign. The main focus is the shortage of classrooms all over the country kasi mga bata nagsisiksikan sa maliliit na classroom, so we are adding classrooms, so they can focus better. And the teacher can pay attention to all the students in the classroom.” He asks people to check out www.wecanbeanything.com to help support the cause.  

Apl, who is also the Department of Tourism’s spokesperson, continues to invite tourists and Fil-Americans to visit the Philippines and mix leisure and mission, visiting local communities while vacationing. When asked what he tells people about the Filipinos, Apl says he comes from a hard working race. “I tell them we are the kind of people who support each other. We are hard working people, mostly humble and really family-oriented.”

The singer lastly answers the question, ‘If you were a Filipino food what would you be and why?’ “I would be rice. Rice goes with every ulam,” he answers happily.