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Carmen Soo wants to keep mum on real score between her and Lino Cayetano

Carmen Soo says she prefers to keep her personal life private.


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10/12/2011 9:05 AM
Carmen Soo wants to keep mum on real score between her and Lino Cayetano

101211-carmen1_main.jpgAfter arriving in the country last week, Malaysian actress Carmen Soo said she is currently on a short break from her showbiz commitments in other Asian countries. Push.com.ph caught up with pretty model-host at the recent Star Magic Catalogue autograph-signing after party held at the Cav Wine Bar last October 9 at Bonifacio High Street.

“I’ve been away for six months. It’s really, really nice to come back again. In the last few years since I first started coming to the Philippines, I always come back at least once every few months. Except for last year when I was here for nine months. So this time, I’ve been away for six months and I realized I really missed the Philippines because I still have my stuff here, I still got my friends and my work. So it’s good to come back here for just a little break, just to see everyone, have a pictorial and I have guestings coming up. I’m just really grateful to be back again even though it’s a very, very short trip,” she shared.

Carmen admitted she has had her hands full this year doing a lot of projects in the Southeast Asian region. “Actually the last few months have been really hectic so it’s just really about work. I’m just trying to find time to see my family in the meantime. I was doing a movie in Malaysia and also a TV series in Singapore. It was a reality show and I played a mentor for a search for new models. So I was juggling these so it’s a little bit too much so I’m kind of on a break for just a few days. I’m going to be here only for a few more days. It’s my birthday this weekend so ideally I want to be home with my family and all that,” she shared.

The former Wowowee co-host, who is continually being linked to director Lino Cayetano after they had been seen together in public on various occasions, still refused to give any specific details regarding the extent of their relationship. “We were definitely spotted together for sure. But anything more, I think there is no need to talk about it. Sorry! (laughs). I don’t want to talk about that. I think if you know, I don’t really talk about personal stuff so I’d rather don’t want to comment about it,” she said.

The actress admitted she has always been a private person despite her celebrity status. “I think the first time when I came to the Philippines, obviously there were a lot of speculation, there was a lot of questions about what goes on privately between the actors which I think was a little bit too invasive and I just sort of make it a point in the beginning that I think things are a private for a reason so it should stay private. Unless I’m getting married, then okay I’ll say it,” she explained.

Carmen said when she is in the country, she looks forward to catching up with friends and former workmates from Star Magic. “In many ways, I think showbiz in the Philippines works differently to begin with. So how they manage me is also different. It’s something I’ve already adjusted to. Actually there’s a few people in the Star Magic family that I’m very close to that I consider my family. So every time I come back, I will always meet them. We always have kuwento-kuwento and kain-kain, so we’re going to do that this week. So Tita Mariole (Alberto) and Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) take good care of me. And they always make sure that I’m okay. So I’m very happy. I just wish I could divide my body into two. So that I can be in Malaysia and the Philippines (laughs),” she added.

Carmen says that even though she is leaving sometime this week she is trying to squeeze in time for everybody close to her. “I want to see my friends here. I’m close to them, people that I’ve worked with like Cristine Reyes, Christian Bautista, Jericho Rosales, Maricar Reyes, Bettina Carlos, Nikki Gil, Valerie Concepcion, and Kelly Misa. So these people have become my fri