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Matteo Guidicelli on Coco Martin: 'I want to talk to him pero I don't know if he wants to talk to me

Matteo reiterates he wants to settle things formally with Coco.


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10/11/2011 8:55 AM
Matteo Guidicelli on Coco Martin: 'I want to talk to him pero I don't know if he wants to talk to me

101011-mateo-main.jpgAfter the incident that had them in a reported fistfight at the Manila Peninsula hotel on the night of the Star Magic Ball last month, Matteo Guidicelli admits he let his feelings of jealousy overrule him when he approached Coco Martin that night. “Yung ginawa ko, for me, normal talaga sa isang boyfriend ‘di ba? I care a lot for Maja and I’m always there to support her. And in that one instance, nagseselos talaga ako, like any other boyfriend. If you saw what I saw, I’m sure they’d be jealous also. But now I know na kailangan talaga i-control ko yung emotions natin. Kasi trabaho sa showbiz mahirap, medyo kailangan talaga i-control yung emotions natin. So control guys (laughs),” he shares good-naturedly during the 2011 Star Magic Catalogue autograph-signing held last October 9 at Bonifacio High Street.
The 22-year-old actor-host also admitted he would like to formally settle things with Coco but it has yet to happen since they both have busy schedules. “Baka umalis pa siya to the States so wala pa siyang time. So when he gets back, we’ll see. Basta me I’m always open,” he says. Matteo also adds that after the incident, he wants to make amends with Coco and just move on and try to become a better person. “I want to talk to him pero I don’t know if he wants to talk to me. But I’m okay, I’m cool, I’m going to church, I’ve been asking for forgiveness and everything and a lot of spiritual help, from my friends and my family. So para sa akin, I’m just forgetting about it. It’s something that happened in the past that I’m going to learn from so it’s just made me a better and a stronger person,” he adds.
With all his soul-searching, Matteo says he gained new perspective and maturity from everything that transpired. “Ang daming lessons. Ang dami talaga. At the end of the day, it’s made me a better person. It made me a stronger person. It made me realize also not to take everything by emotion. I should use my head more. Not all emotions. I got to think before I do stuff. What I did before, I just followed my heart. That made the trouble so now I have to use my brain more you know, dahan-dahan. Take things slowly,” he says.
Maja and Coco are together abroad doing a series of shows right now but Matteo says this fact does not bother him one bit anymore. “One thing is I trust Maja. I really trust her and I think she really knows what to do. Whatever she does, she’s doing it for work and she knows until where to go, she’s very smart. Whatever happens, she can control and she’s smart. She knows what to do,” he stresses. Matteo also shares that his relationship with Maja is okay and he hopes his girlfriend and Coco can also clarify things while they’re abroad. “Kami, I and Maja, everything is okay. Magkasama sila ni Coco doon ngayon. I’m sure they’re talking about everything na, but I don’t know, Maja didn’t tell me anything yet. Everything is okay and now I’m just trying to forget about everything. I already said my part on The Buzz and kalimutan na natin ‘di ba?” he comments.